PlayStation 3 Slim Madden Bundle Coming in August?

According to a new rumor the PS3 Slim will be coming in August, bundled with Madden NFL 10.

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knox3468d ago

cool? i wouldnt get it anyway

Real Gambler3468d ago

On the other side, I like those rumors...

Let me set things straight:

August: Slim PS3 is coming
September: Slim PS3 is coming
October: Slim PS3 is coming
November: Slim PS3 is coming
December: Slim PS3 is coming
Until Sony say so: Slim PS3 is coming

Syronicus3468d ago

Don't even go there! That would be mass devastation! Imagine that bundle and then a E for everyone bundle with Ratchet and Clank! There would be blood on the electronics store floor for those two bundles.

Lifendz3468d ago

A 299.99 PS3 will really allow me to listen to a podcast w/o it coming up every other second. I'm no business man, but if Sony can drop the price and not go bankrupt then I'm all for it.

Jockamo3468d ago

Again. Sony hates people who say the word price drop. Every time someone reads that there COULD be a price drop, they make the decision to wait for it to happen before buying one.

So, yes, keep speculating and once it happens you can say, "I told you so!"

But in the meantime, realize that your speculation of this price drop is costing Sony sales.

Rainstorm813468d ago

I know madden is a so called "high profile" game and it would no doubt boost PS3 sales if its within a lower priced bundle.

But I think it would be better to ship at least two bundles one with Uncharted 2. I used to love the madden games but they have gone down hill this gen and Uncharted 2 will be one of if not the best game to release this year.

A Great Sngle player, Great Co-op & a great competitve modes, You cant lose with this game.

mastiffchild3468d ago

Rainstorm-I agree that Madden is NOT the best way to launch the slim(if that, indeed , is what they mean to do). Outside of NA Madden isn't any kind of big deal whatsoever so unlss they can simultaneously release a GT5 bundle for EU/Japan etc then they risk wrecking the launch by being too concentrated on the US where, it could be argued, they've less chance of shifting consoles with a game available for the 360 anyway. It just doesn't make sense to me unless they can match 360 prices-which they won't, imo, so it HAS to be launched with a PS3 only game that the world and not just the US will want.

If GT5 could release at the same time then maybe do the US bundle including Madden AND GT5 but if not what will they have to launch it with elsewhere and why do they feel just Madden will do for the US when folk will still be able to buy American with the same game and a 360 for less? Not gonna happen like this and if it does Sony seem to be being very shortsighted as I can't see how it can work without a very big price cut. And where's the incentive outside America?

Sitdown3468d ago

Don't you think the people that would be most interested in Uncharted 2 would be the ones who played Uncharted 1....and if you played Uncharted 1, wouldn't you most likely have a ps3? I don't think Uncharted is going to push ps3 sales as much as you would like to believe....even though an Uncharted (1 and 2) bundle would be rather nice. Me personally...I think a Gran Turismo and God of War bundle would sell more. Imagine if the bundle included all the Gran Turismos or all of the God of Wars on a separate bluray disc. I am really tired of hearing about the ps3 slim...and again I will say, Sony needs to go continue doing what brings the greatest profit for them.

Rainstorm813468d ago

I agree....although ive been saying for sometime now that i THINK sony is systematically attempting to become the top HD console in all 3 territories.

In Japan, Demon souls and WKC and FF13 exclusivity helped the ps3 compete against the Wii, 360 is barely surviving there.

In Europe, Killzone 2 far more popular in EU than US, VidZone, Ghostbusters Timed Exclusivity, I think MAG will appeal to them nmore as well.

In US, sony has yet to release a title to move US sales among the tons of US PS3 hate (yes folks US hates the PS3 the most because X360 is US made). Madden is LOVED in the US reguardless of how fast its going downhill (I hoping for Madden 10 to be good) IMHO the only other games that could be bundled and affect PS3 sales in the US is; COD:MW2, GOW, GT5, & Uncharted 2.

Uncharted 2 will sell well among current PS3 owners, but people that have seen U2 and have yet to purchase a next gen console will undoubtly recognize it as being one of the best looking games EVER, and word of mouth from U:DF will let you know its a great game.

Bnet3433468d ago

Do they seriously expect me to believe that there will be a PS3 slim next month? How dumb can you be to believe this.

twoface3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

Actually I do believe that Uncharted 2 is the game that Sony should focus on. What I think Sony failed to do this gen is to gain an identity for PS3.

Xbox (and X360) will always be linked with Halo. PS2 always linked with GTA. Nintendo always linked with Zelda and Mario (Wii with so-called lifestyle gaming). PS3 has just too many, and that's where Sony might have lost focus. Yes, well hardcore gamers want games and more games, but your normal street consumer just needs an identity, one good strong reason to buy the console. Where these consumers identify PS brand with GTA, FF series in the past, MS has done a good job to take away this identity.

So I would think that Sony needs to advertise U2 over and over and over again (show the E3 footage). Advertise PS3 on another slot over and over and over again - bluray player, pseye with motion controller, streaming services, Large HDD space, etc.
All bundled in for whatever price PS3 slim's going to come in.
Bang! You got a strong identity and sales will follow, well imo.

To end my post, I also think that Sony should hold out any price cuts until the financial crisis starts easing. If you want to do something, do it for maximum effect, and it just doesn't seem worth it to go all out during this period when people are tightening their purse strings.

3468d ago
Rainstorm813468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

Your post embodies my feelings for EA Sports.

I used to love Ea sports and hate 2ksports, now its Vice Versa.

As a NFL fan I am disappointed in the fact that there isnt a Great game representing the sport. Here's hoping that madden 10 delivers or Backbreaker gets the NFL license.

gintoki7773468d ago

well if it is coming what horrible game choice imo I woudnt want madden to be bundled with it how bout something that will move the system towards more sales like uncharted 2

3468d ago
Maddens Raiders3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

and seeing what sticks? Sounds like a true disciple from Redmond, WA. lol preach that silly gospel son!

HA HA, nick you're thinking about the bunny ranch again...ok now that makes a lot more sense mmmhmmm... >_<

PS3: The Best Console in THE WORLD (& Best Buy).

Consoldtobots3468d ago

IMO Sony has this gen in the bag, my replacement 360 that I got from best buy last september after then original one I bought there RED RINGED on me, just bit the dust with that GPU solder error. I'll see if I can get it fixed for cheap by a 3rd party. As far as Im concerned that was my last microsoft console. They have some decent games that I like to play but the hardware quality is RIDICULOUSLY bad. This was actually my 3RD 360 (the first one I traded in cause it was one of the crappy NO HDMI models). Now this, MS just pisses me off.

sparta763468d ago

Don't care for the slim I just want a price cut to 299, so I can get a second one.

ape0073468d ago


ps3 sounds so HOT,with uncharted 2+GT5+price drop

if it's's the PERFECT STORM

GarandShooter3468d ago

To all the naysayers:

Perhaps this is tied in with the EA Sports/MLG/PS3 announcement that was recently made.

Imagine the scene at the local BestBuy. Demo playing, notification of the MLG tourney on Madden display, dudes hanging, dreaming of getting notoriety and being a PRO GAMER, clutching their bundles in their sweaty hands, racing to the check-out, so they can rush home and start practicing for the glorious future which fate surely has in store for them. Oh yeah, picture that...

...or it could just be another false rumor. :)

Persistantthug3468d ago

But honestly,
As far as system sellers are concerned, Madden is a stronger franchise than Uncharted is.
Not that this would ever happen, but if Sony somehow got total or termed exclusivity out of Madden, that would be FREAKIN HUGE for U.S. sales.....not to mention all the mouths that would collect ants and various bugs from the jaws dropping to the ground.

ThanatosDMC3467d ago

Reported as Fake, Spam, and Duplicate Story.

cayal3467d ago

If this is true it is a great move.

Madden is a massive seller in the USA. It would boost sales more then Uncharted 2 would (as much as it pains me to say).

DMason3467d ago

Sooo, is N4G a rumors site now? I swear to God every "article"on this site ends with a question mark nowadays. Good grief, can I get some real news please?

Sarcasm3467d ago


Sony does have an Identity that is always tied to Playstation no matter what.

Gran Turismo.

God of War III, Uncharted 2, and the rest of the biggest PS3 exclusives won't hold a candle to how GT's going to shift hardware.

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qface643468d ago

isn't august next month?

i seriously doubt this is true they would wanna advertise the things first then again sony and advertisements LOL

anyways i say this is fake

Nitrowolf23468d ago

Who knows gamercon next month.
I doudbt it, im expecting this either around christmas - next july. if its true

Paradicia3468d ago


Don't you mean Comic Con ? And its this week not next month.

callahan093468d ago

Gamecon is in August, and they have a huge 3 hour presentation set for it. So, it's possible that they'll reveal this there, and say it's on sale "now" at the convention.

They could it do it like that, similar to how they did their PS3 price drop in 07. Deny deny deny until the week of, and then announce it and then BOOM the price is lower pretty much right away. Because if they had announced that the price would drop in a month, say, then you'd have a very, very slow month leading up to that price drop as people just wait a month until they can get it cheaper. Maybe they will have the same mentality regarding the launch of a PS3 slim. Don't mention it until it's ready. Perhaps.

Syronicus3468d ago

It sure would explain it if they did in fact announce the PS3 slim then and perhaps a price drop. If that is so then the world will explode.

JD_Shadow3468d ago's GAMESCon.

Comicon is a completely DIFFERENT convention.

Syronicus3468d ago


Thanks for the correction.


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Chris3993468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

People's wallets are tight enough because of the recession, and this particular "rumor" has leaked well outside of the enthusiast's circle of conversation (N4G).

Just the other day, I saw a wife inquiring at EB Games about when the price drop and "smaller" model PS3 were coming. My brother in law - who is also relatively clueless about video games - asked me a similar question yesterday while we were dining together.

It's anecdotal, I realize, but it's a little disturbing nonetheless.

Edit: I also think that this will turn out to be a fake, like most of the other information we've been fed.

morganfell3468d ago

Well that is the purpose isn't it? To hurt PS3 sales? You don't see Sony behind these stories. Some of them are put forward out of actual belief and some by fans that just despise Sony and enjoy nothing more than committing acts they believe damage sales.

That of course is nothing new. Look at the no name, fly by night blogs that are constantly getting published. Even with the filter they make the front page. It is ridiculous to look at the average number of stories and categorize them. What is the largest section? The anti-Sony/anti-PS3/anti-PSP labeled stories. I have never seen a company that has suffered through so many idiotic attacks that are borne out of nothing more than jealously and hate. The laughable part is these ramblings are published by people that have the gall to call themselves gamers. What a joke.

The Meerkat3468d ago

Its maybe not jealously or hate but more like wishful thinking.

Sony do have a track record of making smaller playstations. So why wouldn't they do it with the PS3. It might not happen in August or even in 2009 but it will happen.

I'd like a PS3 to use as a media player in my spare room. Would I prefer one that was smaller and possibly cheaper? yes.

morganfell3468d ago

I understand what you aresaying but you are ignoring the intent and the origin of these stories. When certain sites have a history of Sony hating and PlayStation bashing yet repeatedly announce the PS3 slim, the intent is fairly obvious. Hint: It isn't news reporting.

Yes there are a few wishful thinkers. These are part of the group I mentioned where there is actual belief. Do I also think the slim will happen eventually? Yes I do. Also there will eventually be a PS4, a Xbox 720, and a Wii 2. But repeatedly beating the slim drum does damage whether the intention is interest, wishful thinking, or detrimental publicity.

raztad3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )


Totally agree with you. Do you know what is funny? when everything was said and done in E3, and people realized the long rumored PS3 price cut was fake, PS3 sales spiked. One week later a new wave of PS3 price cut rumors started.

Rainstorm813468d ago

I have a friend who only owns a 360 and plays tomb raider. he gushes about the gameplay, so i said if you like tomb raider you need to play Uncharted:DF. Being the 360 fanboy he is acts like the game isnt even on his radar, yet he calls himself a GAMER.

People are running out of negative things to say about the playstation 3. I find it funny when the complaints are things like; too many games, or E3 not enough presentation/entertainment, no cross game voice chat. LOL i thought gaming was about games?

Personally some of the best games to come out this gen have been on PS3. Just look at this year X360 has had lackluster games until fall yet people let multiplats own their library then try to justify a 360 purchase.

I cant wait til the day Fanboys become Gamers. The slim will come when it does, and when it does i cant wait to see the next PS3 hate tactic.

mastiffchild3468d ago

Yup Raz-that sales fact was not lost on someone somewhere and the upsurge in PS3 slim+price cut stories did arrive very swiftly after people saw what effect they had had previously. If, indeed, it is false and deliberatley dtrimantal publicity then it's a bloody good policy and could you blame either MS or Ninty say from using sites and sources to leak this stuff?

What can Sony possibly do about it though? As the dearest, and percieved(though wrongly) as the worst value package they're there to be sot at and while production costs tie their hands I fail to see a stratgy that'll really help stop the rumours. If folk don't get it that Sony would sell more sheaply but CAN'T yet do so it would help but that just hasn't happened and I can't see how it now will so til something changes Sony appear trapped into this cycle.

Seriously, this seems to have them by the bals and if they aren't in a position to change the sku AND price point I fail to see what they can do as they've consistently failed to get the value of PS3 over to the average Joe and these rumours work and as a result they won't stop.

Hutch23553468d ago

Not everyone who buys video games sit there and scour the net for articles, most everyone on here already has their choice of machines. So I don't think you can say it makes a huge difference, I mean if you haven't invested in a next gen machine by now You probably wont until it hits that 150 price point in years down the road. Just my 2 cents

raztad3468d ago


The only possible solution for Sony is indeed lower the price. So there's not solution till Sony is ready to do it. Of course exclusive games still sell PS3s even at its high price but figures show a clear drop. In any case here we are talking about internet aware costumers and NA sales figures. Probably Sony is doing much better worldwide and they will drop the price at the right time. After all they are a company trying to make its business profitable.

onanie3467d ago

I agree, Morgan. Raztad, dropping the price won't be an easy solution for Sony. These websites will just start another vicious cycle of price-drop rumours, only to be perpetuated by people who didn't intend to buy a PS3 in the first place.

Sarcasm3467d ago

When the PS3 price drops to $299. It will only be a matter of time for "When will the PS3 be $199 like the 360?"

And the cycle continues.

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doctorstrange3468d ago

but EA have been very friendly to Sony recently

OmegaSlayer3468d ago

Yes, where's Activion's Home space?

Final_Rpg3468d ago

Your avatar is awesome OmegaSlayer:)

sunil3468d ago

"According to Ellis that’s one of the reasons for Activision’s CEO “threat” against Sony – because they are tieing the release of the PS3 Slim with an EA game and not an Activision title."

And it continues !!

But seriously EA IMO has better games than Activision

Natsu X FairyTail3468d ago

Why would they release Slim PS3 in america with Madden 1st and not in Japan with some Japanse RPG that'd sell like crazy?

SuperStrokey11233468d ago

And what JRPG is coming out in the next few months that will really push sales in Japan? I cant think of one. This way they are taking advantage of a game that will sell loads in a different market. Im sure there will be a bundle in japan as well.

Syronicus3468d ago

It would seem more logical to release the PS3 slim with a football game in North America to compete with the 360 where the 360 is selling better month after month. If Sony can invigorate the market in North America and take over the sales then they would more easily solidify their market dominance over second place and be one more step closer to first.

heroicjanitor3468d ago

Heard of a small game called final fantasy 13?

SuperStrokey11233468d ago

And thats coming out in like a year, not this august.

heroicjanitor3468d ago

In Japan it will be out this year.

doctorstrange3468d ago

Yh that may be, but the fact is FF13 will sell like crack even without a price cut or slim, whereas in the US market Sony may want to get the upper hand over MS by slimming down for Madden

heroicjanitor3467d ago

He asked what jrpg would push sales in japan

SuperStrokey11233467d ago

Yes it is coming out this year (well hopefully) but isnt that closer to xmas? And the hardware is ready now from what people are saying. If this is true why would you wait another 4 months to get it out? When you could do a slim madden bundle now and then when ff13 comes out have a slim ff13 bundle too and capitalize on both?

You are right though i was using the NA/Eur dates for its release.

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