Capcom doesn't want anybody to kill themselves over the Mega Man 9 secret

The undisovered secret in Mega Man 9 has been teased for a long time. The mystery actually goes all the way back to last year. However, Capcom hasn't budged in terms of revealing the mystery.

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knox3474d ago

rofl, i wont but i wanna know what the hell the secret is already =(

jessehaysfl3474d ago

probably something stupid like the donkey kong one from last week.....

the dev's initials if you do something extra crazy hard...

MasterChief36243474d ago

Suffice it to say, though: If you have to beat the game all the way through, I would kill myself in real life trying to do that, as I still can't even pass the first level after two hours of trying D:

knox3474d ago

it is really tough >_> took me awhile to beat the first level to.............

PotNoodle3474d ago

Don't worry capcom, while mega man 9 is a brilliant game, i won't be killing myself over it.

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