Capcom hoping Spyborgs succeeds

Spyborgs which was once poked at for looking like a Saturday morning cartoon, got a revamp in graphics and is looking promising. Just how promising is opinionated, but that doesn't mean Capcom can't hope for the best.

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Product3470d ago

I'll be giving this game a shot, online would have helped though.

kunit22c3469d ago

I feel the same, ill buy it but its not a must have. It looks pretty fun but i just wish a was a little more mature like with a deep story. it looks like they tried to make it for the hardcore but also for kids. also think its gonna sell well because its going to attract kids.

N4g_null3462d ago

Actually I wish they would have waited and figured out motion+ support just to make the motion controls more complex. Any one not using motion + for the motion based moves is sort of wasting their time. After playing resort I can clearly see the light now and there is no excuse for red steel, flight games, basket ball games, etc.

Yet from what I've seen they got a lot right in this game already. It should be good but some thing tells me most people will not get to see the good parts. I guess we will see what happens with the reviews.

Seriously if you have not spent so real time with wii resort then you are missing out. ALSO BESURE TO CHECK THE VIDS OF THIS GAME ON YOUTUBE.

There is a lot of rushing right now but the game are coming and every thing seems to be in place now. I really was nt expecting the Wii sports game to be this deep. If they could bottle some of that up for a game or new ip like this it would be a hit...

asdr3wsfas3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

I agree 100% with the M+ comments. I just got done with No More Heroes and playing swordfighting in Sports Resort with M+ makes it feel like a total joke. I can't believe how fun and accurate this game is.

Try EA Grand Slam Tennis if you like a tennis game, I just got it and it's fun. Not perfect but damn close and by far the best reproduction out right now.

qface643470d ago

i honestly can't put my finger on it but i have a feeling this game is gonna sell well

personally though i won't get near it i honestly don't like it much

Product3470d ago

A little off topic, but this game launches near Dead Space Extraction. Which one will sell better?

Cajun Chicken3469d ago

Spyborgs, because kids can play it and it has a lower age rating.

N4g_null3469d ago

I'll admit I was not liking it but after seeing it in action and some more designs and game play I think I may be getting this and dead space. I'm sure some one you tube what I saw in person since cam where allowed. There is problably a dev walk thur also.

I'm betting this sells better than bionic commando in 3d though.

Product3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

Bionic Commando wasn't good anyways. The multiplayer wasn't fun, single player was alright.

I never get tire of brawlers, but can't wonder why Capcom didn't just do a Final Fight instead of this. I've been waiting for one of those for years now.

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NMC20073469d ago

*goes to Gamestop to reserve a spot at the Spyborgs sales funeral*
Got my tickets!

Jinxstar3469d ago

What a lame title... What game do they make that they hope fails?

EvilTwin3469d ago

I guess this might have better sales numbers because younger people can buy it (unlike MadWorld)...but I can't say I'm terribly excited for the game.

It'll probably be 6-8 hours of gameplay (like MadWorld), and have no online component (like MadWorld). But it won't have the cool art style or storyline Platinum came up with.

N4g_null3469d ago

I think the game play is going to be pretty good but I'll see I guess.

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