Tom's Hardware Guide: Overclocking AMD And Intel CPUs On A Budget

Tom's Hardware:

If you feel forced into overclocking just to get a high-performance benchmark from the best parts, mid-budget enthusiasts are certain to find their lower-cost parts mind-numbingly slow. Because most buyers can't afford the best components, the majority of overclockers come from the mainstream market.

There are two groups who overclock out of perceived necessity: those who need more performance than the market provides, and those who need more performance than they can afford to purchase.

Tom's Hardware puts much of its editorial efforts into testing and overclocking the latest high-end parts, but today we're going to focus on a few processors that most mainstream readers can afford and enjoy: AMD's Phenom II X2 and X4, and Intel's Pentium Dual-Core and an entry-level Core 2 Quad.

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dirthurts3471d ago

They could performed better with a Xigmatek cooler however. They are cheap, and work amazingly well.

Jhun3471d ago

Most PC gamers should know about overclocking anyways.