Glut of Peripherals is Hurting Games Industry, a Tragic Case of "Wagging the Dog"

WiiLand's Jason Wong writes, "Peripherals are what drives the current market. Look no further than Tony Hawk's Ride, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Scratch, EA Sports Active, Tekken 6 Joystick bundle, or even a version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 that comes with working night vision goggles -- you'll see the glee in publishers hoping to sell you a packaged bundle at prices northward of $100-200. This hurts consumers in the long run because..."

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clinker3468d ago

That's exactly right -- peripherals are suddenly out of control. But the only reason companies do it is because it is a way for them to make additional money on top of software.

Weirdly, it seems to come in cycles, and it seems to be largely driven by Nintendo. Remember the R.O.B. and power glove?

swingingape3467d ago

Hey, go with what sells. That's the nature of the biz