IGN: PSP Go's Biggest Challenges

The PSP Go is a very desirable piece of kit; it addresses some of the form-factor issues of the traditional elongated PSP design, while also improving battery life considerably and completely ridding itself of UMDs – Sony's much-touted proprietary disc medium that did about as well as MiniDiscs.

However, the overall success of the PSP Go is hardly assured. In a marketplace as congested and competitive as the mobile gaming scene, even gaming juggernaut Sony should be cautious about its approach. Interestingly, of late this has been geared towards direct-downloadable content – essentially cutting out the retail middleman and selling games directly to PSP owners.

It's a massively risky strategy in a lot of ways, but there's a lot to gain as well – and here's why.

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DERKADER3467d ago

I think I'll wait till they come out with PSP2(as long as it has two analog nubs).

LeShin3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

I still don't know why people are comparing the IPhone to the PSP. If anything, it should be the DSi that should be in the firing line as they're both touch screen devices. I don't think a gamer that is used to playing his games using actually need physical controls (like fighting games) would throw his PSP away and get an Iphone. The games don't even have the same production values, I mean look at Metal Gear on the Iphone and compare it to ANY Metal Gear on the contest.

The only reason I won't get one is I prefer my bigger screen, having the option to play my old UMD's as well as the new digital games and the price point. I can get a 16GB card for my PSP as well, though admittedly the PSP GO has 16GB on board AND you can an extra 16GB card to it using it's memory slot to beef it up to 32GB! That does tempt me a little......

I alos don't understand the fascination of having two analogue sticks on a handheld. No handdheld in history has had two analogue sticks and yet people think it's a necessity now. If I were sony and it's game developers, I'd stop making all 1st person and 3rd person action games on the PSP, that would shut everybody up lol

kraze073467d ago

Two analogue sticks are definitely a must for the next gen PSP. I probably won't buy a PSP GO though. The price of it and the fact that it can't play UMDs are why I'll turn it down.