Street Fighter IV - Daigo "The Beast" Umehara Wins EVO 2009

In a battle straight out of a Hollywood movie script, longtime rivals Justin Wong and Daigo "The Beast" Umehara faced off in the finals at this years EVO Tournament. The player's previous encounters have been some of the most classic matches in the competitive Street Fighter world. Daigo took the first game, where Justin played as Abel, but Justin started to dominate when he switched over to Balrog (Boxer). Since Justin was coming from the losers bracket, after being put there by Daigo earlier in the the tournament, he win two sets of first to 3. He won the first set, and took the second set all the way to the final game, but Daigo's used Ryu to dissect Justin's style, and closed out the tournament. The match represents the battle between North America, with Justin Wong, and their attempt to dethrone Japan from their longstanding domination of the fighting game scene.
Congradulations Daigo!

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Stryfeno23469d ago

Great finals....Congrats goes to Daigo and Justin for putting on a hell of a show. SF series FTW!!!

sack_boi3469d ago

I watched the stream at ustream. The fight was just Epic, I was rooting for Justin, but sadly he lost.
Props to Umehara, he's really good.

Rock Bottom3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

If anyone is interested in watching the Final match, here it is:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Rock Bottom3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

Double post!!! >__>

Boody-Bandit3469d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

Has the final match been posted anywhere?
Watching these two masters go at it make me want to fire up my SFIV grab my TE stick and play all day long.

Rock Bottom3467d ago

The final was there, but it was taken down(just like those two now).

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jessehaysfl3469d ago

now if Daigo could just get a girlfriend.....

krisq3469d ago

now if Daigo could just get a Capcom.....

insomnium3469d ago

I just fell off my chair and peed my pants thanks to you. Funny stuff.

jessehaysfl3469d ago

I'm just a hater, I'm sure he would destroy me at any fighting game...

Marceles3469d ago

Capcom = uh.......I'll be back

Just got done watching the match, Justin celebrates too early lol. It would've been a great ending but I think Justin's excitement took him off focus for the last match. I like how Daigo sat at the machine until Justin came back from celebrating too lol.

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WengYong3469d ago

There are so many good fighters in Japan and all of the styles vary. Im not too sure if he was there, but my money would be on Mago to dominate everyone

sack_boi3469d ago

Wrong, Daigo is number 1 Street Fighter IV player In Japan and now In the World.

Rock Bottom3469d ago

Daigo is the highest in SF ranking right now in Japan, but he didn't won Japan National Tournament, which probably SF's highest ranking tournament. EVO is more like the American tournament than the "world's", most top Japanes players doesn't even care to participate.

Kinda like how Americans doesn't really care about international Basketball tournaments because they know the NBA is where the real competition is.

ehkinoh3469d ago

And I would say as of now Daigo IS the top player in Japan.

He won 3 of the last 4 TRF tournaments he entered, (losing the most recent in 4th place) and then he went to EVO where he beat Justin Wong.

He has defeated Mago the last 4 times he has fought him in a tournament. Also, in some casual matches that were recorded, Daigo went 4-0 against Mago.

SFIV is still evolving (a lot of great Guile/Fuerte players getting into the spotlight in japan). But as of now, Daigo is on top.

Baka-akaB3468d ago

Even if he doesnt always win (like getting eliminated by player vega curry at a tournament) , he still manages to compete against basically the best akuma in the world (momochi) , the best sagat in the world (Mago) , probably some of the best dhalsim in the world ( Ono ... Iyo) , potentially the best Abel out there (shiro) , and many others .

And in the end he still remains on a regular basis in the top 3 .

Props to justin thought , i usually aint a fan , and find him inferior to the top japanese players despite many claims of otherwise , but he did backed his word quite a bit this time , and made daigo sweat .
I most of all loves the risk he took with Balrog , especially after his counter abel didnt work twice . he could very have run back to rufus . So really GJ wong .

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samura3468d ago

Daigo is THE beast in SF4.

Loved how he pounded Ono(the Dhalsim player).

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