Microsoft XBOX 360 120GB HDD to cost $210 in Canada

The price for the 120gb HDD in Canada has just been released: It'll cost you $210 for 120gb of space. Considering you can get 120gb 2.5" HDD's going for $100, who feels ripped off?

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Foulacy4192d ago

i should be able to buy a 500gb HDD for that price

Inasid4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

If it's Canadian the converted rate comes out to $187.31 according to . That's $7 more than what it is in the US, but then again people can always delete their older media if they are close to capacity and not purchase it.

redrumkilla4192d ago

As I am a Canadian I don't see the point yet to get this overpriced first party drive. Unlike the Yanks we don't get the movie and TV download service so unless your an avid downloader of ??????????? I don't know why a Canadian would need this?