Edge: Time Extend: Skies Of Arcadia

It sounds like a tourist resort more than anything else: 'Come to Arcadia' says the brochure, 'a relaxing videogame destination that's a holiday of soothing escapism for the retired and burnt out'. But whereas most brochures offer sun, sea and sand, Arcadia's resort proffers six moons, an 'ocean' of fresh air and expansive rock drifts. Instead of redcoats, Arcadia has Blue Rogues. You won't be so much sipping margaritas by the pool as swigging spicy grog on the deck of a battleship. Despite the floaty, laid-back promise of its title, Skies Of Arcadia is a swashbuckling adventure worthy of its own Disneyland ride: "Where there's treasure… there are pirates" the game introduces itself.

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