Mario RPG: Looking Back at the Old and Looking Forward to the New

Koku Gamer writes: "I have always been a fan of Mario's RPG games and their very unique stories and characters. I've found myself bonded to their hilarious characters like Popple in Mario and Luigi, and even sometimes, tears would sprout in my eyes because of Bobbery and the sad tale about his wife. The Mario RPG series started with Squaresoft developing the first Mario RPG, released March 13, 1996. Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars marks the beginning of the Mario role playing game series."

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Ziriux3467d ago

Indeed. Mario RPG is something I've never got sick of. There are too many Mario games, which for the most part are fun. I think Nintendo should focus on a pair of new RPG's for Mario on the Wii, make a deep RPG experience with leveling and all. Even a turn based mario wouldn't be so bad. I wouldn't mind seeing a similar system to Pokemons.

Reibooi3467d ago

I heard that the Super Mario RPG was a really good game however I have never played.

Reason being is there are 2 big reasons you play a RPG. One is for the game play and arguably the bigger reason is for the story line and when Mario is involved there is no way the story can be as big epic and emotional as the other great RPG's out there like Final Fantasy, Persona and Xenosaga.

Ziriux3467d ago

Agreed, yea I def. wouldn't expect the game to have the most epic story line or battle system, but being Mario makes it a fun experiencing indeed, especially if you can use other Mario characters in the Mario universe. As much as any Wii fan will say the Wii can handle such a RPG like Final Fantasy or Persona there is just no way that any developer would be willing to go that deep with time and money to try to make a game that great, considering the wii hasn't done too good with hardcore type of games.

SpoonyRedMage3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

Square Enix are putting Dragon Quest X on the Wii buddy. Monolith are making Monado(of course that's first party). Crystal Bearers is a slightly different take but it's also a story based game(again by Square Enix)

[email protected]: Also Namco are putting Tales of Grace on the Wii(the second Wii Tales but the first flagship) and then there's games like Arc Rise Fantasia. Also NIS have put Phantom Brave on the Wii.

Ziriux3467d ago

@ Spoony

That's good to hear buddy. Def. didn't know Sqare would put their time into it. There is a great reason to be happy, hopefully they do a great job as I've trusted them in the past.

greyfox2353467d ago

but you realy are missing out on some amazing games

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SpoonyRedMage3467d ago

I think it's almost ironic that Alpha Dream(who make M&L RPG) are former Square employees and Intelligent Systems(who makes Paper Mario) is now working with Square Enix on a few projects.

May be it's time to get the old team back together?

And whilst they're at it, Monolith and Square can make a new Xenogears?;)

Love that picture by the way.

Ziriux3467d ago

What lol!?

Monolith had something to do with Xenogears? I didn't now they had any part in that game. I learned something new, Monolith seems to have lost the touch these days though. :(

SpoonyRedMage3467d ago

Monolith are ex-Square employees including the creators of Xenogears(and lots worked on Chrono Cross).

In fact two Nintendo first parties are ex-Square(Brownie Brown and Monolith), two second parties are ex-Square(Alpha Dream and Skip ltd.) and at least one thid party with close connections(Grezzo Games). Oh and some of the people in Genius Sonority(a Nintendo second party who made Pokémon Colloseum) previously worked on Dragon Quest games.

Ziriux3467d ago

Wow good to know.

Yea, I love the FEAR games, and I know that Monolith is the developer of them. Had no idea they know RPG's, but they seem like they don't want anything to do with them anymore, most likely Warner Bro's laid of a bunch of the original dudes.

Hehe, I just had to switch my avatar to that Mario could sword pic.

SpoonyRedMage3467d ago

Ahh, no, different Monolith. That's Monolith Productions, I'm talking about Monolith Soft. Easy to get them two confused.

Ziriux3467d ago

Oh yea wow. That's a bit too similar in names of Developers. Yea I thought you meant someone else, cause FEAR Monolith has lost it's touch.

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BlackIceJoe3467d ago

I so wish Square-Enix and Nintendo would make a new Mario RPG. I loved that game and a sequel would be great.

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