Which Nintendo Character Would Have Your Back In A Bar Fight?

Resume Play - Stephen Rosenberg writes "There are few things in this world that are more brutal than a good old fashioned bar-fight…especially for a nerd. Usually it involves drunk people talking smack to your woman, douche-bags with tribal tattoos trying to show off to inattentive girls, or possibly someone just feels like getting wasted and beating the hell out someone else. It is a must that in these situations, you have to have a friend or two backing you up, and usually the friend has to be a lot more bad ass then you are, to get the job done. In this article I have picked a select few Nintendo characters as a reference to who I might pick to have my back in the case someone heaves a bottle at my face. Check them out, and leave us a comment telling us who would be getting your back! It doesn't have to be one of the few below. Remember, Nintendo-licensed characters only! No mix-companies! Enjoy!"

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CheatsMcGee3473d ago

I would pick Samus for my side. Of course that may not go well for the bar. It would probably get destroyed pretty quick and fast.

SRosenberg3473d ago

Oh yeah. Unless it was Zero Suit, then she'd just get whistled at and eventually raped. lol

qface643473d ago

pffft good luck trying to rape samus you have a better chance of raping bowser

FamilyGuy3473d ago

I'd have to go with Mario.
Not only is he well known for throwing a fire ball or two, he's also been seen breaking bricks with his fist. Thats one hell of a punch if ya ask me.

stoppre3473d ago

I would pick

brandynevils3473d ago

That Kirby looks seriously evil... yeesh. I'd probably go with Link, or the Mario Bros.

Etseix3473d ago

Captain Falcon
just one Falcon Punch and all should be dead by now
(im talking about the REAL FALCON PUNCH, not the falcon punch he uses on Smash Brothers) ,

this one makes the SM one, looks girly :P (but still GREAT!)

SRosenberg3473d ago

Hahaha. I loved this! What a bad ass.

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The story is too old to be commented.