G-Force Trophy List Revealed

Exclusive Full Trophy List Revealed by caliblue15 from www.blueraycenter. G-Force has 44 shiny new trophies including: 13 bronze, 11 silver, 3 gold, 16 secret trophies, and 1 platinum trophy. For your information, this is fully in 3-D and has the 3-D glasses with purchase.


Sorry, that's caliblue15 from . Totally messed that up in writing that earlier.

Site has been updated with secret trophies, and I also couldn't count yesterday as I counted a bronze as a silver. Its 28 bronze ,12 silver, 3 gold, and 1 platinum. 16 of those trophies are secret. For a total of 44 trophies.

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caliblue153467d ago

Is this the First 3-D game? It is a movie game, so I wonder how good it actually is.

PirateThom3467d ago

No, it's just anaglyth 3D. It's been done before, Sly 3 pops to mind as a recent example. The Master System had an add on that allowed a few games to be played in 3D.

caliblue153466d ago

Updated with secret trophies!

DFogz3467d ago

It looks like a fun game, and the trophies seem pretty well fleshed out. I may have to pick this up at some point.