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Rooted_Dust4198d ago

I think any more than 6 hours at a time is too much, and thats pushing it. When your girlfriend/wife has left you and your dog has died of starvation, might be a good indication that you need to stop.

benny o klaatt4198d ago

i told my mate about the rumoured KOTOR 3 being MMO. i love KOTOR, never played an MMO. he says and i quote "MMO my arse, those things are worse than heroin".
nuff said methinks

kamolahy4198d ago

It's sad but true. You have to have some self control to play MMO games.

Black Republican4198d ago

I personally do not like MMO games

they are like damn soap operas and take forever to finish, I feel damn pissed and bored as hell sometimes when my gf wants to watch that sh1t, can't imagine how she would feel if i played MMO games

anyway a good example. WOW -> how much time do these ppl play this??? how many hours a week???

i know ppl here where i work they probably spend 40 hrs a week playing that ! ! ! !

Ps30074197d ago

If you have a Level 60 character you have no life.

While I love MMORPGS they suck your life dry. They are completly ridiculous and no longer play them until they bring down level requirements drastically.

I want to have fun... Not kill the same thing a million times...