PS3 vs. 360 Game Sales

Today Nick McCandless from talks about the wide gap between the sales of games on the PS3 and 360. Despite the sales of the consoles,why does the 360 sell much more games?

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Light Yagami3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

A lot of people bought a PS3 for movies.

-MD-3473d ago

Whoa is that real? That's hilarious.

Stryfeno23473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Lol...At least we know what it does.

Blaze9293473d ago

Ok WOW, now THAT is freakin hilarious.

caffman3473d ago

its a HMV UK poster. I found it fantastic at the time

user39158003473d ago

What a dutch bag, but he has a point, the PS3 its for fandroids with lack of gaming and to play outdated movies.
PS3 15 LBS gorilla weights more than 2 new born babies, fact.

Sorry, but if you bought a ps3 for gaming then you gotten sucker punch were it hurts the most (your wallet).

All Time Greatness3473d ago

lol sum the Failure that is PS3rd up in one picture.

Marty83703473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

And 360 would read.

It can juggle disc's as well as scratch them.
It's the most unreliable console in history.
Also plays games if it has'nt got the dreaded RROD.
Plays back movies using the obbsolete HD DVD movie format and dated DVD format.

Why pre-order it's built like crap.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3473d ago

Only 13% of dorids buy games, the rest just talk about them.

OmarJA3473d ago

So much fail in that comment.

JokesOnYou3473d ago

It's not just install base...ps3 install base was roughly the same as when Halo3 first launched, now of course nobody expects it to have Halo sales but it couldn't even manage the original Gears of War sales type number even though ps3 in Feb-Mar 2009 had a higher install base than when Gears of War released in Nov 2006...and theres plenty other exclusives like Uncharted that if you look at the install base at a similiar time frame underperformed compared to 360 exclusives. There IS alot of truth to the statement that ps3 install base is split with some just buying it for bluray movies or they just don't buy alot games like 360's install base.


AngryTypingGuy3473d ago

Yeah, Killzone should've absolutely sold more than it did. Proof positive that many people just get it for primarily BluRay. The most hardcore gamers are on the 360.

Homicide3472d ago

That has to be the funniest PS3 ad. Runner up goes to that penis thumb.

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Nick2120043473d ago

I am curious to see how God of War 3 will sell being an ESTABLISHED franchise compared to many of the new ips built on the PS3.

Blaze9293473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

I'm curious to see that as well. If anything, God of War 3 should sell the most of any PS3 exclusive game thus better, if not that'd just be ridiculous. But as Sony is proving I guess, it's not about Sales, it's about making more and more top quality games and having a wide variety. So to developers its, "Side with Microsoft and make tons of money" or "Side with Sony and have fun doing what we do with great support and no rushing with mediocre sales"

Anyway, "Despite the sales of the consoles,why does the 360 sell much more games?"

What kind of question is that? Despite the sales of the consoles? Lol thats the whole REASON for the 360 selling more, 360 has sold more consoles. durr.....also despite that the 360 has a somewhat huge piracy problem and the ps3 doesnt is something to wonder about and discuss too.

AridSpider3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

"thats the whole REASON for the 360 selling more, 360 has sold more consoles. durr."

Lol ding ding ding, we have a winner. As for the exclusive case, Microsoft market's their exclusives better....a hellavu lot better. Halo 3's marketing campaign was just insane and the results of all that show.

Nick2120043473d ago

That is what most people think, which is one of the main reasons I made this video. Check it out and you might think differently because why would the 360 sell 8:1 compared to PS3's 2:1? That has nothing to do with the amount of consoles sold.

Blaze9293473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

I watched the video and yeah you made some good points, alot of people DID buy the PS3 just for the blu-ray player being it was the cheapest at the time so maybe those who did so like that may buy maybe a few games. Ok, true.

But you're just thinking into it too deeply. You started to loose me when you went into age etc etc. Sure all those other reasons could be a factor but the MAIN reason is that 360 has sold more consoles and thats that.

KionicWarlord2223473d ago

Wouldn't God of war 3 sell similar to its successor ?

Blaze9293473d ago

Well not really, God of War 2 (being the successor) came out 2007, a time where just about EVERYONE had a PS2 with millions of systems sold and 7 years on the market.

PS3 however, has only been out for about 2 1/2 years at a still very high price point with games being $10 more. So if anything, it'll likely sell LESS than God of War 2...maybe.

Speaking of, whatever happened to the good days where first party titles were $10 cheaper than 3rd party!

gamesR4fun3473d ago

i mean i watched half of it but really who cares what this guy says? No sources nothing but him saying the ps3 only sells 2 games per console vs the 360 selling 8...

This is like hgg all over again sigh. I say kill it now ng4 dont make this guy another hip hop gamer.

zoneofenders3473d ago

just wondering where you get your numbers from...

Tarasque3473d ago

Sony has always had this problem. I mean seriously you have an install base over 100 million (PS2) and the best you can do is like 5 million games sold for a so called AAA title. That is a very sad return. Which really the install base was like half of that, cause everyone i have known has at least owned 3 PS2's due to them crapping out.

thenickel3473d ago

But as Sony is proving I guess, it's not about Sales, it's about making more and more top quality games and having a wide variety."

So I guess that's why 360 has a bigger games variety lol. All this talk about Sony delivering quality over MS is fud. If this were true then multiplats would have more quality which they don't and the over all experience would be better from controls all the way to in game xmb and many other features only found in the 360 versions or exclusives. Just because Sony has exclusives does not mean there better games. Why can't you people just admit that all around MS is putting out better stuff this gen than PS3? All this other stuff your all talking is just pointless and sounds shady. I actually feel bad for Sony this gen and just can't see what then heck you people are going on about. not only did xbox games look better than ps2 last gen but multiplats would often times sell better on xbox1 as well.

Blaze9293473d ago

you people? Meaning....

kewlkat0073473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Again, don't be surprised at the numbers with just 23 million currently and the skewed PS3 install-base. Plus the game is more popular in NA where the PS3 it's not selling as well. It is a system seller, I think but again, the damn price of the PS3 will limit sales.

I'm excited to see how that MGS4/Killzone 2 bundle sell(It doesn't get any better than that if you wanna push hardware)...

I will continue to say it. The PS3's install-bass is skewed and with a choking price tag, the gamers, that will eventually makeup the bigger percentage of the PS3's sales lifetime, is somewhat holding back for a price-cut. While hardcores gamers and movie afficiatos play games/movies beyond.

While many may purchase a xbox 360, I hardly doubt it would be exclusively to watch just DVD Movies, when walmart sells players for like $30 dollars. Hey, the software numbers don't lie. Even on the BIG Exclusive games that currently get poor sales(IMO), for a console that have had it's predecessors sell over 100 million+ units.

Who's really buying the best PS3 games?
Who can actually afford a PS3?
Who will never buy PS3 games but movies only?
Who's doing the best currently, at marketing their games or putting a good spin on value?

-The Xbox 360 is also ravaged by Piracy, so I can't imagine if there wasn't Piracy on the 360, the software sales would be a lot higher.

-Plus, looking at attach rates, the 360 library is bigger which brings it's attach-rate down(simple math) but yet, still bigger then a smaller library of PS3 games and it's attach-rate.

Ignorant generalizations/spins like this are aweful: "I believe most people own Xbox 360's are children or teens. That age group does not know the worth of money yet. They will just buy whatever game they want.
I think PS3 owners are more cautious when buying games."

You have to remember, Sony PS brand has been around for more than 15+ years so you have a Generation of gamers that have grown on the console and continue to play games till today. PS's(looking at history) have also sold well, as a home video player, for which, most adults with higher income, can sometimes only afford.

Xbox brand have only been around for like 7 years. The console had to be affordable and it has started with a younger generation,as most console do. Maybe on the third MS console,you could see a bigger percentage of older fanbase, a more recognize brand, while maintaining young ones. There are plenty older folks that do play and have Xbox 360. Look at the Wii, how many age barriers does it cross? You have 80's gamers playing the wii and older. A strong brand over long years will do just that.

robbo9183473d ago

Where are you pulling these numbers from? I have found some variety in the actual ratios but using VGChartz which is about the closest we can get to rough numbers (and I mean they are rough) has X360 at 7.69 and PS3 at 6.26. Did you accidentally use PSP ratio of 2.36???

Your claim that PS3 has a ratio of 2 is ridiculous sorry. Other than that not a bad post/blog.

N4Flamers3473d ago

Some games like RE5 sell better on ps3 I mean did you have any references? where you talking about US or the world? The video just seemed like a bunch of speculation from some random person. I mean who the hell is this guy? Can I have some facts? Where did you get them from? The information seems outdated at best. The final question is. Is this news? Nope its a vlog. Get the hell off N4G.

aceitman3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

now about more 360s being sold is just because a parent is no going to buy a system for 400 or let alone 600 $ for a kid compared to 179 - 400$ thats y its like that and heavenly sword sold 1.3 million it just took a little while being it was a title that came out when 5 million ps3s where sold once the price drop happens u will c people buying the ps3 for there kids this christmas because u know they want 1 and watch microsoft sell the 360 for 129-150$ when sony lowers the price and sony starts selling 2 or 3 times as much as the 360 microsoft can afford to be spiteful and sell below cost just to try and stop sony from going to the top . plus this guy making the video sounds like he s a 360 fan boy and plus more older people have a ps3 because they can work and buy one and the kids that have one r those who have a job or there parents dont mind shelling out the money for a ps3 the 360 is a lower price point but r only 8 million ahead of ps3 with a year head start

Jake11113473d ago

The PS3 is selling more games period! It is only multiplatform games that sell more on the 360 which means they compare it to the ps3 sales.!

But if you compare it to the ps3 exlusives and multiplatform games you will see that the ps3 is outselling the 360!

Regardless, sales dont equate to great games! It only equates to install base of consoles.!

The PS3 has the best games of this gen PERIOD!

I have both systems. I havent touched my 360 in 8 months!

This is the basic premise I hear for all gamers. The PS3 is the game system and the 360 is only there to "fill in the gaps".....

I do not see any game I would want to purchase on the 360 besides wake and halo ODST... The PS3 has numerous games I want... This explains the fact that PS3 is a better gaming system...


Anon19743473d ago

The PS3 routinely sells similar or more multiplatform titles then the 360. Resident Evil 5, PS3. Dynasty Warriors 6: PS3 crushed 360, Prototype: 360 sold about 30% more (probably because PS3 owners also had the choice of buying Infamous), Godfather 2: 360 by about 25%, Prince of Persia: PS3, Street Fighter 4: PS3, LOTR Conquest: Looks about even, Sacred 2: Almost even.

Is this guy still living in 2007? Considering there's supposed to be almost 30% more Xbox 360's in the wild, it's certainly doesn't seem to be reflected in worldwide sales so far this year. So what is this braces wearing doofus basing any of this on?

FamilyGuy3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

He finally admitted the ratios were "unreliable" but still has up bad ratios and sources the new ones from some 2008 article. (comments section)

I gave him another reason to explain why none the less:
Some people are 360 gamers who only bought the PS3 for the exclusives.

He's also way off in assuming the wii ratio would be "ridiculously high".
He's way off in assuming that Hevenly Sword sold under 500k (It was one the first great exclusives)
He's way off in assuming that PS3 owners are old and worry more about bills. Well so are the parents that buy their kids "bucket loads of 360 games", they have bills too. Beyond that gamers and non-gamer budget in entertain so how would it makes sense to buy a $400-$500 PS3 for only2-5 games?

Just take this attempt down, it's failed on so many levels already, Even the initial thought behind isn't true as I read the ratio is more like PS3 7-8, 360 8-9.

cherrypie3473d ago

He makes a very valid point. PS3s are being bought as BR-disc players, this takes away from potential audience for games on the PS3.

I've been making this same argument for some time.

Sony has split its audience, and the game sales make this obvious. Why _IS_ the attachment rate so low? Because the PS3 is being bought to play BR-discs.

donnie-21053473d ago

although a decent ip it has never been a massive seller like the 360s halo or gears.i feel it wont bring any big hardware rises when its released regardless of quality it is just not a house hold name.saying its will sell 2/3 million worldwide in its 1st 6months,these sorts of figures like killzone2"s are not regarded as sucessful now adays for a big exclusive

Anon19743473d ago

PS3 games sales dwarf Blu-Ray sales, so we know that's not true. The PS3 has been catching on faster than the 360 in the same amount of time, we know that for a fact, and what's the PS3 attach rate now versus the 360 at 2 1/2 years in? About 6 or 7 - nearly identical.

Face it. Based on the worldwide sales figures we're currently seeing this article doesn't have a leg to stand on. All things being equal, 360 games should all be selling 30% more because that's how many more consoles are out there. It's not. The real question should be why isn't the 360 selling any more software considering the increased user base?

Rampant3473d ago

Like the well established Gears of War that sold like shiat on the 360.

thenickel3473d ago

"he PS3 has been catching on faster than the 360 in the same amount of time, we know that for a fact, and what's the PS3 attach rate now versus the 360 at 2 1/2 years in? About 6 or 7 - nearly identical"

Who cares about all this life to date nonsense especially when Sony was said to of had a bigger fanbase than MS? The bottom line is now since we all know that now is what matters. Every year 360 is doing better in numbers and no matter how you spin it nobody cares if PS3 sells more in it's same life time a year later lol. Both systems are getting the same games within days of each other. Sony's machine should be selling much more software so quit making excuses for them. Sorry to tell you this but Sony's doing terrible this gen and your whispers wont do anything to save them. Just deal with it and move on.

All-33473d ago

If that is the case... then please explain why Gears of War sold as many copies as it did --> when the Xbox 360s install base was smaller when Gears of War was released on November 7, 2006 compared to the PS3s current install base?

--> I am curious to see how God of War 3 will sell being an ESTABLISHED franchise compared to many of the new ips built on the PS3.

Interestingly... Gears of War wasn't an 'established ' franchise when it was released, was it?

--> But as Sony is proving I guess, it's not about Sales, it's about making more and more top quality games and having a wide variety. So to developers its, "Side with Microsoft and make tons of money" or "Side with Sony and have fun doing what we do with great support and no rushing with mediocre sales"

To think or believe that Sony or 2nd/3rd party developers --> DON'T CARE about sales is just plain silly.

Sales = $$$ money $$$... and money is the bottom line for any business. No company will be in business long if they can not make enough money.

Christopher3473d ago

The reason why Xbox 360 gamers buy more games on average is because the hardcore online market is there and it also is in extremely dominant in the region where the majority of game sales are made, the U.S.

Most PC gamers move to the 360 for consoles, and these are people who are used to buying most FPS games out there.

Furthermore, with the 360 being the cheapest option out there, parents will buy it for the younger kids who will end up buying the not-so-well-developed kid games, such as all of the poor quality Marvel and TV-based games (Spider-man Friend and Foe, Kung Fu Panda, etc.).

There aren't a ton of reasons, but there are a few that really make the difference.

But, with the higher quality games, such as Resident Evil 5, GTA4, Fight Night 4, and Madden, the PS3 gamers tend to buy these up at a rate similar to the 360.

sparta763473d ago

Where did u get all your data from?
Cause every where I look says your wrong.
Or is it safe to say your a 360 fanboy!?

da720izcumin3473d ago

how can one make such a statement?

one thing that every gaming enthusiast knows is that 360 exclusives sell better than ps3 exclusives.

yes it may be because of the large user base or perhaps even the better games on the 360; but please do not embarrass yourself by sayin ps3 exclusives sell better, that just makes no sense.

Traveler3473d ago

His numbers are completely wrong. The 360 has around double the installed base in North America and many games sell well over 50% as much on the PS3, which is the percentage you would expect them to sell based on the installed base of the two consoles. With an installed base half that of the 360 you would expect multiplatform games on the PS3 to sell half of what they sell on the 360. Nevertheless, we often see multiplatform games sell well more than half as much on the PS3.

Look at June's NPD numbers (which covers North America only). You have games like Fight Night Round 4 selling relatively similar amounts on the two consoles despite the fact that the 360 has double the installed base to sell to.

FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 4 (360) 260.8K

If you were following the amount of consoles in people's homes you would expect the PS3 version to sell 130.4 thousand copies, not 210.3 thousand. This isn't just an isolated event either. We see sales ratios like this quite often.

Look at a game like UFC 2009

360 UFC 2009 UNDISPUTED 338,278
PS3 UFC 2009 UNDISPUTED 187,895

Again, if you were going by the relative installed bases of the two consoles you would expect the PS3 version to sell only 169,139. Instead, it sold 187,895. Which means that it sold to a higher percentage of PS3 owners in North America than it did on the 360.

Here are some others:


360 RESIDENT EVIL 5 25,796

360 FIFA SOCCER 09 25,431
PS3 FIFA SOCCER 09 21,209

PS3 BLAZBLUE: CALAMITY TRIGGER 36,570 (PS3 actually outsold 360)

360 TIGER WOODS PGA TOUR 10 133,32




All of these numbers are from the June 2009 NPD. The 360 versions of multiplatform games should be consistently selling twice as much as the PS3 versions since there are twice as many 360s in people's homes in North America, but it's not. There are some games that sell more than twice as much on the 360, but more often than not we see the PS3 versions selling more than half as much, which proves that the PS3 is a very healthy platform.

kewlkat0073473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

the Xbox 360 have much more games to choose from. Also look at how many 360 games make the top 10 which also take sales from other games.

Rampant3473d ago

So I guess PS2-exclusives should sell 5 times as much as 360-exclusives?

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GiantEnemyCrab3473d ago

The 360 also has piracy and the PS3 does not yet it still sell's more. Something I don't see mentioned.

KionicWarlord2223473d ago

That`s very interesting it must be something....

Maybe it`s Xbox Live that`s also attracting sales.

silvacrest3473d ago

i think piracy is big on the 360 but i have no facts to support that and neither does anyone else

but at the end of the day there are simply more 360 in peoples homes then PS3

Narutone663473d ago

that some buys the game more than once on account of disc scratching.

KionicWarlord2223473d ago

Not with me. I hope that was a joke.

damn... must be a lot of people with scratched disks


Arnon3473d ago


How many times has that been mentioned now? Lolz

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ian723473d ago

I have a PS3 and have nearly 50 games for it and have also traded in around 10. Just wrote this to say some of us do buy lots of games. I will be getting God of war, GT5, UC2 and more.

3473d ago

I have near 70 games on my 360 and my dad has less than 10 games on PS3.


Why dissagre look at my gamerprofiles then!!

viking805fan3473d ago

I think that the install base and how old the players range for each console has to do with the sales between these consoles the most.

DelbertGrady3473d ago

Meaning the older audience can afford more games. But that doesn't make sense since kids can't afford the PS3 and the PS3 isn't selling games at the same ratio as the 360. Unless the PS3 audience are more interested in watching movies than playing games...