Kazaa also turning its life around, becoming legal music subscription service

"We must have missed the memo that informed us of the impending revival sweeping the illicit music landscape, but there's no denying its potency now. Just weeks after Napster and Pirate Bay decided to right the wrong and morph into legitimate music subscription services (or something of the sort, anyway), the infamous and all-but-forgotten Kazaa has evidently decided to do the same. According to "sources close to the company," the site is expected to officially exit beta and begin a $20 per month unlimited download service as early as next week, though details beyond that are few and far between. On the surface, it seems as if it'll be shooting itself in the foot from day one by charging a Jackson per month, but hopefully that includes a little something extra that we aren't privy to yet. At any rate, it looks like your illegal acquisition options are slowly dwindling down, but hey, it's not like a little consolidation ever hurt anybody, right?"

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xino3474d ago


Kazaa, Bearshare, iMesh, DC++, Limewire etc. This were the famous P2P back in the days.

I saw the title Kazaa, and knew it tingles something in my mind. I can't believe this is Kazaa O_o

Well it's over for them now, cuz life is all about torrent:)

Bnet3433474d ago

Limewire is still being used today bro. Kazaa is just old old school. I remember using it when I was in the 7th grade (done with school now)

Kamikaze1353474d ago

I just felt nostalgic seeing the name "Kazaa". Oh man....seriously though, wtf?

Blasphemy3474d ago

Didn't think they exist anymore.

JonnyBigBoss3474d ago

That's good. Piracy has really hurt the industry, and while we have all pirated one thing or another, it's hard not to notice it's bad impact on society and business in general. I hope things can turn around!

PS360PCROCKS3474d ago

Yeah poor Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and every other singer and actor. I can't sleep at night wondering how they could go on if Timmy keeps downloading all their CD's and DVD's. I mean my god the horror of living in a 14 million dollar mansion with 8 rooms.

Qbanj693473d ago

haha you are totally right. It's all BS, always was. I've actually heard about some local starter bands who got popular because people were 'pirating' their music.

I used kazaa too and I can't believe theyre going legit- too bad. I don't know what the deal is you can pretty much get music anywhere now for free. Just google the song title mp3 download and there u have it (aside from private sites out there :P )

Fatmanp3473d ago

Why would anybody be stupid enough to pay for a p2p service why not just get usenet.

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