Housemarque Not Done With Super Stardust HD

Nofi from TheSixthAxis writes that developers Housemarque still have at least "one specific idea that would certainly add a new dimension" to Super Stardust HD...

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sinncross3473d ago

Wow this is some of the best news of late!

SSHD is easily one of the best downloadable titles around, so much fun.
Am glad that Hoursemarquee have more in store for it, and that doesnt' even include their new game :O

ape0073473d ago

one of the best arcade games ever,more updates guys,SD is amazing

jessehaysfl3473d ago

its online co-op/versus. It was planned along time ago and was shelved when they started work on the PSP version.....there was a website which was given this info about a year and a half ago, unfortunately there was no proof.....only talk. But they had the scoop.

phosphor1123473d ago

for bomb / survival mode =[. I have yet to get those trophies man.

Oh, totally forgot. I've gotten to x9 multiplier like 50 times... I have yet to get the x 10 trophy =[[[[[

jessehaysfl3473d ago

I got 100% on the trophies......they are not hard, I can give you tips if you want pm me.

phosphor1123473d ago

I know what to do, I just fail at doing them. Example, the Shock and Awe one (the 10 nukes), I can get up to about 7 nukes, then I'd die from some random thing I didn't see.

Bomb is harder though, since you can't boost, so I gotta chill behind the bomb ship as it plows threw all the blew block things, wait for another ship to come down and blow both them up with 1 bomb so i can gain 3 at a time instead of 1... once again though, since you can boost or anything, its hard.

Montrealien3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Super Star dust is a great example of what games used to be. When games used to be designed to kill you, now most games are designed for you to kill.

I love this game, not 100%, probably never will be, but I have a damn blast when I just try to get a higher score now and then.

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skabias3473d ago

Online multiplayer please!

doctorstrange3473d ago

loved it, a new update may make me come back to it

Close_Second3473d ago

...the PSP and PS3 versions to death...and still go back for more.

Any updates are welcome!