The Daily Grind: Apps and MMOs

These days, without descending into total geek fan girl mode, phones are all about apps. Whether you have a Pre, an iPhone, a Google Android handset or one of the new, shiny Nokia phones, apps (short for applications) are usually an important part of how phones work. Even more so now your humble mobile phone is becoming more like a mini computer. This week Blizzard released their second app for the iPhone, which allows you to access the World of Warcraft Armory without needing a PC and, it is, quite simply, awesome.

If one MMO can make use of apps, why not all of the big boys? EVE, LotRO and Age of Conan have a huge following and surely there's the potential for some kind of apps, perhaps ones which will let you check in-game mail or sell gear and mats without actually logging into the game.

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