Why Microsoft portable needs to wait ?

Ahmad Dajania from said " In my opinion it's not the right time for Microsoft to enter the portable wars because of three main reasons, Microsoft needs a better first party support, or they need to create a new division to focus on creating games on theirs rumored handheld"

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KionicWarlord2223473d ago

I wish one was made. But i guess it was Natal or Portable.
Hopefully MS decision will pay off.

immortal843473d ago

Microsoft put a lot of effort in project natal, so they must make sure the market will accept a third portable console.

KionicWarlord2223473d ago

At least the portable will come eventually.

Even if it`s years from now.

immortal843473d ago

The reasons in the article do make sense, so it may take sometime for Microsoft to release a new harware.

chrisnick3473d ago

i think the only "new" thing they could use would be xbox to handheld operability, other than that, the ds has a touch screen and a camera and the psp pretty much has everything else (except a damn second joystick) what else could they possibly offer?......if i was them, i would have my handheld doing something sick with software, its what ms is good at anyway.

AAACE53473d ago

Handheld gaming is an aquired taste!

I owned a PSP a while ago and found that I never really played it!

I owned a DS lite and never really played it!

Somehow, I tricked myself into buying a DSi, yet I still never really play it!

If you think about it, none of the hand helds really do as well as they should (compared to home consoles). They usually have their main few games that really sell, but pretty much anything else is doomed... prime example, GTA: Chinatown wars! I bought that along with the DSi, yet I have only played it for about an hour!

I think handheld gaming has a long way to go. I will admit that the Psp is the closest to making handheld gaming catch on though.

I just don't get it! All sony had to do was make the thing have 2 analog sticks and it would have been like playing your games on a Ps2! To me, that would have made developers move over to the Psp and create tons of great games for it! Instead, it's more like going back to a Ps1.

urban bohemian3473d ago

The portable would instantly have a huge huge library.

Added Live connectability would also attract alot of gamers.

Combined portable and home console gamerscores.

Portable to console chat....

There are alot of possibilities.

Don't forget Microsoft also sanctioned two portable games from their studios for Nintendo DS. Maybe to test the water: Blue Dragon DS and Viva Pinata DS.

Competition is normally a good thing for the industry. Sony and Nintendo won't be worrying too much yet.

Everyone knows that Halo Portable would dominate sales even if it wasn't too good a game!

Final_Rpg3473d ago

Only game I ever really got into on my PSP that didn't feel like a watered down PS2 game was Crisis core. Oh and GoW chains of olympus.

Yes I know there are some awesome games for the PSP but I don't want to invest in UMDs as I'm planning to buy a Go! at the end of the year. I'm a little wary as to whether I'll have to rebuy all my games so I'm holding out till then.

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R2D23473d ago

Can you imagine playing Castle crashers with your buddys while you are doing a number 2.

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LordMarius3473d ago

iPhone, PSP Go, DSi
Do we really need another?

RockmanII73473d ago

maybe you can connect to xbox live through a system similar to how you can get online through your iPhone.

dylandurden3473d ago

Who needs an Xbox portable when we already have two successful handheld plus the iPhone?

I have a feeling that, when the Xbox portable will be released, it will share the same games of PSP 2, much like PS3 and 360 libraries, wich are fairly comparable overall...

We all know Microsoft isn't good at producing first party stuff, I wonder what kind of unique games the Xbox portable could possibly bring to the table. But I already have the answer: Microsoft will just pay Rockstar or Capcom in order to have some useless timed exclusive.

Well, at least they're taking their time in producing this handheld... So hopefully it won't have any sort of RROD this time around... :D

Mr_iClu7ch3473d ago

i hope Xbox Portable is being developed!

But for now NATAL is the way to go for MS.

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