How many people are really going to skip Windows 7?

Guardian Writes:

Here are a few headlines for you: "Six in 10 companies in a survey plan to skip Windows 7", said Reuters; "Majority of IT execs have no plans for Windows 7", said IDG. PC World, meanwhile, said that "most IT pros say 'no'".

It's certainly great, incendiary stuff: after all, Microsoft is the world's biggest software company, and it is pinning an awful lot on the launch of Windows 7. And if 60% of IT departments are giving the new system the finger, then that's a big deal.

But the truth revealed by the survey in question - commissioned by ScriptLogic, and largely about how companies are cutting costs during the recession - is a little more prosaic than that.

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Blaze9293967d ago

I dont see why, Windows 7 kicks ass!

LoVeRSaMa3967d ago

Windows XP > Windows 7 > Windows Vista, imo...

Key word: IMO

DevastationEve3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

After all the bashing of Vista you do have to give it credit for looking so sharp. I've used it just fine on 3 different computers although I wouldn't recommend it if you have an older computer.

I think the experience goes along with the system: if you're trying to get something new to work with something old then you shouldn't set your hopes too high. With that said, even to run without Aero still gets you a superb OS. And that goes for both Vista and 7, though I've actually had SO much better luck with installing 7 on older systems...which I agree is sad :\

edit @ russ:

To list everything that you'd be missing would make you cry, but here's some of the more notable things:

-first off, Windows 7 performs better than any other Windows OS out there. systems that I've installed it on that once hiccuped during flash video like youtube and hulu now run smooth as butter. that's because of the entire GUI being rendered off your GPU: in other words Windows 7/Vista actually utilize your hardware much better.

-it has builtin support for the emerging standards as well as certain standards that Windows XP just can't comply with since it's so old. and that's because of the platform-wide initiatives they took with Vista. it's a NEW OS for NEW technology!

-Windows XP has hit Microsoft's deadline for product support and lifetime. the best you can do now to keep it stable and safe in today's world is to keep your antivirus updated and install new drivers as they come. but there won't be any more overhauls or service packs. true, XP is rock solid and proven. but the architecture isn't getting any newer.

JsonHenry3967d ago

Win7 is the way to go!

Especially if you do any PC gaming and have more than 3gigs of system RAM.

RussDeBuss3967d ago

can someone explain to me what win7 does that xp and vista does not and justifies a complete change of every machone in a business, especially during a recession when money is tight?

sunil3967d ago

No compelling reason to upgrade yet !

ChrisGTR13967d ago

hey isnt there a windows 7 beta or something i could download? i currently have vista but i guess i can upgrade since i just recently had to reinstall everything

Raf1k13967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Win7 Home Premium £44.99
Win7 Professional £89.99

Certainly worth checking out

edit: BTW, anyone know the difference between the Pro and Ultimate versions?

edit2: It's OK I got it. The only difference is that Ultimate comes with the following extra features:
Help protect data on your PC and portable storage devices against loss or theft with BitLocker.
Work in the language of your choice and switch between any of 35 languages.

Charmers3967d ago

You can compare the differences here :-

Most home users will never need the features of Professional or Ultimate. I have pre-ordered 2 copies of Home Premium, the price was right and I am reasonable happy with the way Win7 runs.

DaKid3967d ago

I will be getting Windows 7, it is an amazing OS IMO.

Bnet3433967d ago

Our economy is phucked up, so I don't see why they wouldn't. They need to save money.

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Qazdaz3967d ago

I definitely won't be upgrading my current pc with w7, but if I get a new one after it comes out then I will be getting it with my pc

Bnet3433967d ago

Same here. I don't buy OS's, just whatever my PC comes with.

SKUD3967d ago

I will stick with XP. Runs all my games. Windows 7?, not there yet.

crazy250003967d ago

because it has a windows xp compatibility runs everything that ive tried

danielle0073967d ago

but then you hafta worry about your processor and whether or not it can pull off the virtual junk.

Polluted3967d ago

If Windows 7 fixes even half the compatibility problems Vista had then these guys will fall in line and switch soon enough. XP is nice and all, but in this age of 64 bit, quad core processors it's just not going to be able to keep up for much longer.

Sooner or later they're all going to have to bite the bullet and either upgrade to Windows 7 or seriously consider a Unix based alternative.

crazy250003967d ago

it has fixed those problems with compatibility

sunil3967d ago

64 bit era? Seriously? 90% of the applications still do not have 64 bit support.

How long has 64 bit OS'es been out ! and we still do NOT have flash support !

How about this - Even Microsoft's own silver light does not support 64 bit browsers ... hows that for 64 bit era !

JOLLY13967d ago

3ds Max with 32 gigs of ram sure does though. You should be happy about that, because that is what a lot of video games (and movie effects) are done on. They can't happen on 32 bit machines. You just got learned.

crazy250003967d ago

i only run 64 bit windows and so far its been amazing....try it yourself

Kushan3967d ago

Vista's compatibility issues were mainly due to DRIVER issues, not software issues (well, drivers are technically software as well, but they run on a lower level). 7 is as compatible as Vista is, but before you go and bash 7, ask yourself when the last time you actually used Vista was. 3 years on and most manufacturers have caught up with their driver support. Honestly, unless your hardware is more than about 6 or 7 years old, you should be fine.

JOLLY13967d ago

Crazy....I was agreeing with you. He was sawing 64 doesn't matter. I was explaining it does. There is so much stuff that can be done with a 64 bit machine and 32 bit is just completely outdated. Games that we enjoy today are mostly all produced on 64 bit machines.

crazy250003967d ago

haha i misunderstood you :p

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DevastationEve3967d ago

I'm running it right now :) On an old desktop too, and even still the whole system feels NEWER than when I first installed XP on it! Whoa! :O

Oh, and I need a prayer right now laptop's motherboard went out on me yesterday. 2 years and I've finally succumbed to the g84/86 problems that I've been hearing all about :\ oh well.