Blizzard Discusses Inventory in Diablo III

Blizzard explains how the new bag-based inventory system in Diablo III will work and why they've chosen to go with it. Their community manager explains the importance of inventory in the game as a viable concern for gameplay and game depth.

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Guitardr853467d ago

This is something that was fun in the past, but then again, the WOW way of storing Items works VERY VERY well. I think this is actually a good decision on Blizzard's part!

XBoX360IsJunk2133467d ago

Then again i really hate wow so.... The new D3 might suck.

betcha3466d ago

Currently I'm playing D2 again for the hell of it. I can tell you, it does take a bit away from the game stopping every five minutes to port back to town and sell my loot. This would be a welcome change.