Gamer on Duty Episode #12: The Game Is Changing

Modern Warfare 2 with Night Vision, I am there!
PS2 Backwards Compatibility Making a Comeback Soon?
ModNation Racers to Be a Hit?
Sony Needs To Step It Up By Christmas Or It Is Curtains!
Battlefield 1943 Impressions
Is The 360 Hindering Third Party Development On The PS3?
Why Is Blu-ray Not Being Fully Utilized?
Will Forza 3 Sell Consoles for Microsoft?
Why Games Being Delayed Is A Good Thing
Idiots Online, And Why They Need To Go Away!

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Nick2120043469d ago

Looks like a great show. Time to go watch!

Czin3469d ago

Removing the Backwards Compatibility from the PS3 just to lower the prices, to me, seems to be an obvious bad move. What Sony was thinking I have absolutely no idea. Maybe they purposely wanted people to go out and by PS2's as well as PS3's. Who knows. Even though Sony has taken a lot of steps back, they are doing an amazing job of catching up although I fear their time is running out because Microsoft and Nintendo are just surging ahead and are not looking back. What I believe Sony needs to utilize is their organization. With every game that comes out they seem to be so unorganized. About all Microsoft games have xbox live but Sony games that should be on PSN are not.

Incognegro3469d ago

"About all Microsoft games have xbox live but Sony games that should be on PSN are not."


Honda043469d ago

Well the bc thing that is going on doesn't really affect me anymore. I had the 60 gig until it got ylod no i have the 80 gig no bc and it doesn't really affect me cause i almost never playd ps2 games since ps3 has been out. I got rid of my ps2 games and the only way im gonna go buy some back is if they release this for free. If not ill just stick to playing ps3 games. I wish they would add game launching to home. Thats one of the reasons i dont use home it takes to long to launch a game i have to quit and wait for it to load. As for the nv goggles its a neat idea but how great will they work? Also having a universal invite system would be nice and some games have that but we need it for all of them! Modnation racers seems like it could be fun but how complex of a track can you make? Great show!

Nick2120043469d ago

Great show Dave. I am hyped for ModNation Racers as well.

BrothaDave3469d ago

Thanks, Night vision baby lol!

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