Apple hands Palm a problem and gets slapped by Microsoft

The Guardian Writes:

It's a dog-eat-dog world in the technology jungle. For the best part of two years, Apple's iPhone has had the top end of the smartphone market to itself. But then along came the Palm Pre, which has had a very favourable reception from the geek crowd, and is a much more polished product than early versions of the Android (aka Google) phones. Personally I thought it unlikely that the Pre would seriously challenge the Apple product, but it seems that Steve Jobs & Co are taking no chances.

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darkequitus3973d ago

sometimes, Apple is like a boxer who goes into the ring swinging punches but cries when it's opponent hits back.

The-Director3973d ago

Not sometimes, all the time, apple is the most stuck up company i ever seen, they think their gods for producing their products, and when another company hit them hard and shows that their is nothing special about them they cry foul.

SnuggleBandit3973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

i agree that they do act like girls but i like their products. osx is definitiely the best operating system out right now by a mile and the iphone combined with the app store is just awesome. And i don't know what i would do without ipods...

but i'm not saying that half their sh!t isn't overpriced and that they never act like their sh!t don't stink

El_Colombiano3973d ago

Their products ooze with quality. I love Apple, but you need to be able to afford their products which is hard right now.

darkequitus3973d ago

Hence my iPod, iMac 24 and I even go conned into by the first Mac mini. I fell for that hype and queued up in egents St, London on release day. Final Cut is great

evrfighter3973d ago

"osx is definitiely the best operating system out right now by a mile"

sweet where do I sign up..If that's the case it blows pc gaming by a mile too!!!!

oh wait...

Motion3973d ago

"Hence my iPod, iMac 24 and I even go conned into by the first Mac mini. I fell for that hype and queued up in egents St, London on release day. Final Cut is great"

No, seriously. What are you trying to say?

KozmoOchez3972d ago

their hardware might be nice, but itunes compared to zune player/zune marketplace loses big time

the zune player is a lot nicer and easier to use when trying to update song/album info. Also, itunes seems to move a lot slower - at least on windows based computers.

The zune marketplace has one of the best store options, that is - the zune pass, where for $15 a month, you can download unlimited songs and keep 10 of them every month. I'm not one for monthly fees but if I wanted to go that route, i would def be paying them that money. maybe once i get outta college and get a decent job...

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Polluted3973d ago

He raises a good point about a possible lack of tangible products in the Microsoft stores. Something tells me MS has penned a deal with HP or someone and they'll be pimping real PC hardware by the time their stores launch.

If I were Mark Shuttleworth I'd buy some retail space adjacent to the Apple and MS stores in Times Square and open an Ubuntu store. Just to screw with 'em.

El_Colombiano3973d ago

Why HP? I say they should roll out first party computers. Microsoft labeled computers. Just like Apple has theirs.

Polluted3973d ago

I suppose they could. It just seems like, given the timeframe, it would be a lot easier to just make a deal with an established PC manufacturer. I think their relationship with Dell is slightly tarnished now that Dell also sells Linux PCs, so HP seems like the obvious choice.

Anyway, we'll find out soon enough, but I'd be very surprised if the only hardware in the MS store was the 360 and some mp3 players.

The Lazy One3973d ago

they could also reach out to smaller manufacturers like Asus, fujitsu, or acer.

Microsoft doesn't really need to sell their own products, they just have to use their stores to show the benefits of PCs vs macs. If they just had a product (not necessarily their own) that was PC supported and matched most apple devices feature for feature, but cost 75% the price, the stores would be pretty successful.

Mr_iClu7ch3973d ago

But Microsoft is just smart than them...And Apple is allways crying now...^^

Lets see how Apple will react to Windows 7 Launch.

darkequitus3973d ago

I wtch their last WWDC Show, and of course they were having a pop a W7. $49 for W7 upgade and $29 for Snow Leapard. Both companies have my money.

Revvin3973d ago

If an iTunes update stops me syncing with my Blackberry Storm then I stop buying from iTunes and go to Amazon.

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The story is too old to be commented.