PS3 Only Good For Exclusives?

Tony of wrties:

"Of the five people I know with a PS3, four of them started with a 360. With a multi-platform game they are more likely to buy it for the 360. This is because they can top up their gamerscore and more importantly they have more friends with a 360.

For these reasons, the PS3 has become a machine for exclusive games only."

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Trey4Lyfe3471d ago

Your Opinion

and BTW Trophies>Gamerscore

anybody can pad their Gamerscore

Cwalat3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

"Of the five people I know with a 360, four of them started with a PS3. With a multi-platform game they are more likely to buy it for the PS3. This is because they can top up their trophies and more importantly they have more friends with a PS3.

For these reasons, the 360 has become a machine for exclusive games only."

See what i did there?

Those who own both consoles aren't majority of gamers, but even then... OFCOURSE you will buy the multiplat on the system where you have more friends. If it doesn't support online, then it's pretty much heads/tails interms of what system you buy the game for.

Mr Remington3471d ago

Of the 7 people I know with a PS3. 4 of their 360's, which they got after their PS3, just collect dust. (and that's not including my friend's Elite that is RRoD'ed).

I have the maximum number of friends on PS3 making multiplats better to buy on PS3.

This article has no justification whatsoever.

zdudynot3471d ago

you must agree with me!
and it doesnt break

kewlkat0073471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Just my experience. Though the devs are getting better depending on what platform they start with but even that, sometimes is a toss up.

I say, if the games have no major drawbacks or doesn't totally look like ass on one or the other, get what feels comfortable(controller) and go with the service you will get the most out of.(XBL or PSN)

I know some are trophy and achievement wh0res, so that's a given.


with naughty dog offering their engine to ps3 developers for study, the point this article tries to make will no longer be the case.

The funny thing is that uncharted is almost 2 years old, but yet no other console right now can match what uncharted provided 2 years ago.

kewlkat0073471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Did you read the title?> Are you suppose to be proving the article's case?

njr3471d ago

Normally, this is how I buy my games on 360 or PS3.

Shooters -> 360
Fighters -> PS3
Online arcade remakes -> 360
Offline arcade remakes -> PS3

Multiplatform games -> PC... if its an option.

DERKADER3471d ago

I've never bought a multi-platform game for PS3. As soon as the PS3 version starts outperforming the 360 version I'll start buying my multi-platform titles on PS3. The lack of a party system, cross game chat, and in game music streaming from my pc is also why I choose to play multi-platform games on 360. Don't get me wrong I think the PS3 is a great console whose exclusives out shine 360 graphically but that's not going to sell multi-platform games.

40cal3471d ago

Also great for multiplats that you want to play online. No fees and just as stable as live. Or multiplats period, because you get to play all of these games and the just admitted superior exclusives.

iamtehpwn3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

So were PS1 and PS2.
Damn fine machines.

Although, the multiplatforms aren't that bad.
The Exclusive games are just...all around more like to be Tripple A.

evrfighter3471d ago

"So were PS1 and PS2.
Damn fine machines. "

but online gaming was never the deciding factor during that time.

Times have changed.

iChaos Amongus3471d ago

I play multiplats and Exclusives on 360 and Exclusives and Blu ray on PS3.

I have had PS3 since Christmas 2007 and got a 360 about 6 months ago, the difference in online gaming and game performance was enough to sway me as far as using 360 as my main console from now on. But PS3 still gets alot of play because it has good Exclusives too.

Blaze9293471d ago

in my case this is the situation with me and my ps3; i'm only keeping it and using it for it's exclusives, blu-ray and the fact that I can store my movies on the HDD.

It's just personal preference, that's all and whatever system you started out with FIRST (360 for me).

This article is lame.

ultimolu3471d ago

I truly feel sorry for these people. They're digging themselves into a hole.

mastiffchild3471d ago

While I've had a PS3 and a 360 I've not once bought a multi plat for the 360.

Firstly, because I've suffered a few 360 deaths I try to wrap my current(admittedly better made, imo, this time)Elite in cotton wool and limit the amount of gaming I do on it to exclusives.

Secondly I just prefer the DS3 to the 360 pad which I find all the wrong way round, too heavy, too bulky anmdas for the D-pad! Maube it's a lefty thing and also I've got quite slender, attractive, artistic mits and the 360 pad seems more suited to sausage fingers or paws to me!

Thirdly, Online I prefer PSN because I like TF2 and cross game voice chat on 360 has killed that game on Live stone dead. Wrecked completely, and when it finally comes to PSN it'll kill all team games there too-I really don't see why anyone likes the bloody feature. Can't we wait, like, a few minutes? And not doing it yourself doesn't help as there's always someone on your team distracted by their idiot mate playing god knows what talking about god knows what else!

Fourthly, and for me this is a big deal for some reason(I realise I'm possibly taking it too far!)but I just hate my Acvatar. Well, not just my couldn't be arsed making the gimpy thing but all of them. Particularly the fact it's always there and I can't get rid f it though. Why MS thinks we all have the tastes of ten year olds and don't let us opt out is beyond me.

The thing is, however, these are all(bar possibly the reliability issue hangover)just my personal tastes governing what I choose. I could just as easily love avatars(choice should be there though)and the 360 pad, couldn't I? So, to me as the differences between 360 and PS3 multis is tiny and unnoticeable during play neither one can be said to be only for exclusives for everyone-it's taste and where your mates are. That's it. No superiority to be found by either console really.

soljah3471d ago

what aren't exclusive titles the best reason to purchase the ps3 or any game console.
i have a pc so i can play almost anything that is xbox exclusive. after all isn't it a pc in a box

coolirisGB3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

I can't believe how fast Sony people try to rewrite reality after it gets laid right under their noises.

"Exclusive content is why I chose PS3 over 360."

"The exclusives PS3 has coming up interest me greatly"

Just admit PS3 fanboyism but don't pretend the 360 doesn't have exclusives. Sony and Microsoft market games differently people talk Sony exclusives because Sony talks about games that are still on the drawing board and 3 years too early.

Watch the 360 will have more exclusive AA and AAA games by the end of the year just like every year. Talk the talk

I've had the PS3 for 30 months and the 360 for about two weeks. I got the 360 because I got sick of being told fairy tales about PS3 when the 360 was really delivering.

Looks like E3 and NPD has peeps all fired up looking for blood.

GameGambits3471d ago

Aren't you supposed to pick the gaming console with the most games you can't get anywhere else? If that's the case than PS3 and Wii far outshine the 360 in the list of having the most games worth playing.

I buy almost all my games for my PS3, because I feel my 360 is a ticking time clock. It has yet to RROD which means I must be getting closer and closer to that dooms day. Could you imagine buying a brand new game or heavily anticipating a game like Modern Warfare 2 only to have a RROD occur? It's just too dicey and risky if you can get it for another console that does it all great.

I seriously just use my 360 for voice chat with friends while we/I play the PS3. I did get Battlefield 1943 for my 360 and it's half good/half bad that I did. I had to put up with the BS server issues for the longest while when the PS3 version didn't have those issues if I read correctly. At the same time then I would've had to wait longer for more maps and stuff to get unlocked on the PS3 version.

Honestly if the PS3 ONLY had exclusives...I'd still take it over a 360. The exclusives easily topple and outshine any exclusives or multiplatforms I've played this console generation. The only game I'd really miss would be Dead Space, but the rest I could've lived without.

I honestly doubt anyone in here if they owned all 3 consoles and a fire broke out to leave you with only time to save 1 console would really pick anything other than the PS3. Before someone goes saying,"I'd save my 360," then you probably A) Don't own a stfu B) Never plan to own a PS3. The thing costs 400-600 bucks depending on when/which you got. It'd be easier on the wallet to replace a 360 over the PS3. Plus could you really go this holiday season without Uncharted 2 and MAG? I know I couldn't...

n4gno3470d ago

Cooliris is a joke like some other blinds fans.

i respect people who play the way they like, 360 or ps3, no problem...but liars talking like if they are saying facts are really penible that generation.

coolirisGB3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

PS3 exclusives don't sell the way they are intended compared to the hype and budgets. They don't push Hardware. Fairytale land and reality need a line drawn in between them.

I didn't wan't to hurt your feelings take a break.

Genesis53470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

I have found that with a PS3 and a good gaming PC that I have more games to play than there is hours in the day.

Though of the 2 the PS3 is still my favorite gaming machine. I do like a lot of Sony exclusives. Most of the 360's I can pick up for PC and they play a lot better.

gintoki7773470d ago

well if you only have a ps3 then you might buy multiplat games like gta4 cod5 cod4
ps3's exclusives are much more my preference than 360 exclusives but thats just my opinion not saying 360 exclusives are bad I just dont have the urge to buy more shooters.....

The Xbox Empire3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Genisis5, can you pick up Gears of War 2, Ace Combat 6, Beautiful Katamari, Fable 2, Forza 3, Lost Odyssey, Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts, Project Gotham Racing 4, Alan Wake, Halo 3, Ninja Blade, Kameo, Perfect Dark Zero, Halo ODST, GTA: Lost and Damned and Ballad of Tony Gay, Infinite Undiscovery, Halo Wars, Star Ocean 4, Blue Dragon, Shadow Complex, Halo: Reach on your PC?

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CrazzyMan3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )


p.s. looking forward to 299$ PS3, FFXIII release in Japan and Gran Turismo 5 WW release. This will be a GREAT time for all Sony fans. =)

p.p.s. And the last thing, i know, that there will be time, when PS3 will cost 199$, and IF in this case you will ignore EXCLUSIVE PS3 games like GoW3, GT5, HR, U1/2, KZ2, LBP, MGS4, VC, DS, WKC, R&C, R1/2, M:PR, N:UNS, MLB09, HS, InF, Agent and ....,
then you are definitely a Sony Hater and NOT a GAMER.

PS3 is a MUST HAVE console, and sooner you realize This, the better gaming you will have.)

3470d ago
ultimolu3470d ago

So enlightened me. Do you play sales or games?

coolirisGB3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Truth in you mind. Your head hurts doesn't it.

EDIT talking to yourself down there? talking about rules you have clearly broken. You seem rattled. calm down

3470d ago
3470d ago
Antan3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Its not about taking bubbles mate, its the fact that an existing user has setup ANOTHER new account up, which is of course against N4G rules.


"talking about rules you have clearly broken"

You STILL spinning up there?! lol.

It takes more than someone like you to ruffle my feathers.

Headshot813470d ago

with the exception of a few(3) good multiplat titiles. It's all about the exclusives because thats what sets counsoles apart, and the ps3 has alot of them and in many different flavors for you to enjoy.

Jaces3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

I usually only buy exclusives for 360 due to the fact that I feel more comfortable with my PS3 when playing multiplats. Besides, I'm in love with you know. ;)

To be honest it's difficult to tell the difference between the two versions when your only playing one version, unless your just that hardcore/stupid and buy both versions and test them out side by side.

I think it's all a matter of who feels most comfortable with this or that system.

Superior multiplats, pfff! Give me a break. What's so superior about one version against the other? A slight graphical edge? Or perhaps the loading time is 1.5 seconds shorter than the other.

Really now?

Traveler3470d ago

In my area and among my friends a lot of people have switched over to the PS3. I still have friends that mostly game on the 360, but I have lots of friends to play with on the PS3. My time is split between the PS3, the PC and the 360 --with most of my time being spent on the first two platforms.

Truth be told I buy most of my multiplatform games for the PC. However, with multiplatform games that don't come to the PC, or with certain types of games that I want to play with my console friends, I tend to buy more of those games for the PS3. The main reason being that my closest friends mostly game on the PS3. The other reason being the free online play. I plan to buy Modern Warfare 2 for the PS3 because I don't use Xbox LIVE anymore and I like being able to play online for free.

Anyway, my experience is completely different than that of the author of this article. I don't know why so many people try to state their opinions as facts.

gintoki7773470d ago

antan needs to go outside and stop living in his computer world because he is obsessed take a jog smell the fresh air

FamilyGuy3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

360 owners are left wanting more so they are always looking at and are interested in the games on the PS3 that they can't get. The reverse is hardly ever true so i'd say this article/opinion piece is fud.

Of course they'd buy multiplats on the 360 if they owned a 360 first. That means they already built a group of friends on their 360s to play with so why buy the PS3 version where you'd have to build a new list of friends?

There's no logic in this article, look at what's obvious. 360 owners want MGS4, they want Uncharted 2, MAG, GOW3, GT5, inFamous, and so on. PS3 owners want... sequels to games that were on the PS2/PS1 and PS3 games.

Common sense people, owning a PS3 doesn't leave you with the feeling of wanting more like the 360 does. The grass doesn't ALWAYS look greener on the other side, i see the 360s grass as red, littered with ads an expensive. I prefer my PS3s green, healthy looking grass any day.

"If consoles had no exclusives, how would they distinguish themselves from the competition? In other industry, reputation is important, such as the reliability of a car. But gaming is different, we are the consumers of content."

I'd still buy the PS3 as it has:
no reliability issues
is a blu-ray player
wifi built in
Non-proprietary HDD/memory card that can be swap/upgraded easily
re-chargeable controller
ability to store movies/video files on the HDD
blu-tooth connectivity
card readers built in to some
ps2 playing built in to some (there's no 360 that can play PS2 games)
built=in web browser

The PS3 would STILL be worth having over the 360.
The PS3 exclusives just kick the 360 while it's down.

If anyone disagrees I would LOVE to continue the conversation so maybe they could explain why i'm wrong or what i'm wrong about.

RememberThe3573470d ago

The DVD drive in my 360 goes haywire sometimes to I don't really trust it.

And so what if you only use your PS3 or 360 for exclusive content, your still playing a hell of a lot of games. I'm still playing Killzone 2.

samfk3470d ago

i bought both consoles and my ps3 isnt gettin used hardly at all,the ps3 needs better headsets and better servers!bought cod4 now sum games are fine but others unplayable ,the annoying thing is i think it plays better on ps3 wen its not lagging,and b4 i get any fanboy rants i want to use it more it cost me alot of money!

ZOMBIEMAN13470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

so you want the facts more than the fairytale ok no problem here's facts in .2009 Sony has delivered 4 big games this year with 4 or 5 more to come while MS only had 2 with 4 more to come ( i ain't counting TLAD it's DLC for a 2008 game ) that's a fact, fact PS3 is at almost 23 million while 360 over 30 million that's a fact here's another, sales doesn't make any one game better or worse, Ico a great PS2 game with poor sales MGS PO a great handheld game low sales fact also here's another fact, Sony has more first party developers than MS and nintendo put together and in time all of em will make the PS3 library larger yes they delay a game but they always get released if not this year than the next that's another fact. i ain't saying you shouldn't like 360 over PS3 but if your going to act like a fanboy or PS3 hater and think your right and bad mouth PS3 owners than you should keep your mouth shut and have your freedom of speech taken away until you can enjoy a system without bad mouthing the other.

Vegeta883470d ago

Xbox 360 is only good for 1 thing.

RROD!!! Haha jk.

GT5 fanboy!!!

gaminoz3470d ago

I got mine for the exclusives and the blu rays. But yeah I use my 360 way more.

goflyakite3470d ago

Wait, are you telling me that the PS3 has some of the best exclusives this gen AND has all the same multiplats that the 360 has?

Wait, what was the point in this article?

FamilyGuy3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

A golden bubble for you sir!
Awarded for being able to say so much with so few words.

INehalemEXI3470d ago

I buy most games on PS3 or PC , 360 broke down to many times in to many ways was not just RRoD and wii just does not have much of what I'm looking for.

FamilyGuy3470d ago


"p.p.s. And the last thing, i know, that there will be time, when PS3 will cost 199$, and IF in this case you will ignore EXCLUSIVE PS3 games like GoW3, GT5, Heavy Rain, Uncharted1/2, KillZone2, LBP, MGS4, Valkeria Chronicles, Demons Souls, White Knight Chronicles , Ratchet&C, Resistances1/2, Mortor storm:PR, Naruto:UNS, MLB09, Hevenly Sword, InFamous, Agent and ...., then you are definitely a Sony Hater and NOT a GAMER. "



""Genisis5, can you pick up Gears of War 2, Ace Combat 6, Beautiful Katamari, Fable 2, Forza 3, Lost Odyssey, Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts, Project Gotham Racing 4, Alan Wake, Halo 3, Ninja Blade, Kameo, Perfect Dark Zero, Halo ODST, GTA: Lost and Damned and Ballad of Tony Gay, Infinite Undiscovery, Halo Wars, Star Ocean 4, Blue Dragon, Shadow Complex, Halo: Reach on your PC?"

I laugh, no comparison, and a lot of othe PS3 exclusives are unmentioned simply because some reviewers didn't like them and on the 360 side DLC has to be added.

Arnon3470d ago

Imo, it is. But what's wrong with that? It has outstanding exclusives that are only experienced on the PS3.

edgeofblade3470d ago

Here is the problem: everyone assumes that the criteria for success is "the most exclusive titles". Who decided that? Microsoft is making a KILLING on the third party. And as a result of having the cheapest, fully functional HD-grade console, Microsoft owns the third party and delivers just enough first party to keep us interested.

Yes, cheapest. I don't care what biased, inflated comparison you have. I can play 99% of the games on the 360 with an Xbox 360 Arcade. That's $200. Let's see how far you get on a PS3 with $200. That's what I thought... not even enough to get your foot in the door.

Gantrfaxx3470d ago

Of the 100 people I know with a PS3, maybe 10 of them started with a 360. With a multi-platform game they are more likely to buy pirated copies for the 360 and later if they like the game or want to have it in their collection they buy the original copy for Ps3. This is because they prefer Ps3 and have more friends with a ps3.

JsonHenry3470d ago

The biggest reason I buy play multiplatform games on the 360 over the PS3 is because I only know two people who have a PS3, and they both also have 360s and they too know a hundred people who only own a 360.. so in order to play with all of our friends we have to play it on the 360. And all of us prefer the ease of use and better online system that the 360 provides.

indysurfn3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Xbox360 has 635 games ps3 has 479 games that means that xbox360 has a minimum of 156 games more exclusive to the system. The reason I hear most people getting xb360 games over ps3 games is: better graphics 19 out of 20 times, way better xboxlive mutilplayer then ps3 has, the game comes out sooner, more people playing online, not a dumb old achievement system that comes way after online, 1080p in game (have you noticed that lately games come out on ps3 as 720p, but on xbox360 at 1080p, plus twice the frame rate). Plus people don't like slow loading games like the ps3 has. But that is way after graphics and xboxlive.

Syronicus3470d ago

One reason, free online play. You just cannot beat that, even with a few extra textures on the multiplat game or the silly cross game chat. When I am playing COD4, I don't want to talk to somebody else playing another game. I want to talk to my team who is also playing COD4.

When Live is free, I will buy more multiplats on the 360 but until hen, exclusives only.

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ian723471d ago

PS3 is good for exclusives and multi-plats. I have no problem with any of my games on it. Not enough difference between games to matter. They look near enough the same on either platform.

You Already Know3471d ago

I think that he was talking about the 360 getting more DLC or a game before the PS3...

AJKanismajoris3471d ago

i agree, the ps3 has a great library of multi-plat games which some of were started on the ps3 not on the 360 to this douches uneducated guess

ape0073470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

I buy most multiplats on xbox 360 for these reasons

1-better performance and sharper textures games like gta4,resi5,fallout,ghostbuster s etc...
2-the enviroment that is XBOX LIVE,playing with friends easly,chat,have parties custom music everywhere and the deep player status that shows u what your friend is EXACTLY doing(for example,it shows u you friend playing gears 2,at the matchmaking ,looking for players and you can join him from everywhere,it just says,put the game disk,fantastic)which is great
3-the ability to install games,trust me it reduces the load times,cod4,gta4 and resi5 loads like thunder,believe me(I have an elite)

THESE REASONS above made my decision to buy MODERN WARFARE 2 on 360 100% and I may buy it again on ps3 to get the amazing trophies(god I love trophies)

ps3 have some better multiplat games,burnout,dmc,fighting games are much better on ps3 cause of DS3 and the unbelievable AMAZING AAA exclusives(uncharted 2 will be an explosion)

but the things that really BOTHERS me is that,3rd party devs don't use the power and blu-ray of the ps3,[email protected]#$ dat,exclusives takes advantage of it which have amazing results,juat take a glance at uncharted 2 or kz2 ot metal gear solid 4,ps3 is so powerful,F$%^ all these features a gta V 50 GB on PS3 will sold me X|

topdawg1223470d ago

I agree, multiplats do look the same. I get them on my ps3 cause its more reliable, online is free, and im scared of my 360 to pull a rrod on me when im playin cause that sh!t pisses me off

mythamp3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

psn is alright.

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Cajun Chicken3471d ago

I dunno, I think the 360 is 'only good for exclusives', really.

PirateThom3471d ago

I would agree.

The free online basically seals the deal for multiplatform games.

DonCorneo3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

But the real deal-breaker is XBL can be laggy. P2P works fine by me if everyone as a good connection. In reality, XBL is just laggy has heck. It's not just the netcode - it's the actual infrastructure. Some people would deny this and say they have a good experience on XBL without lag more often than not. And, more often than not, these are the same people who only have an XBox

PirateThom3471d ago

While I can't speak for everyone, owning both really does let you see the faults of each.

PSN may have less features, but XBL is a lot laggier.

iChaos Amongus3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

XBL is a lot laggier??... I just got my 360 like 6 months ago...haven't notice any more lag than my PS3 which I've had for 2 years almost.

Defense mechanism perhaps? Because its not true.

PirateThom3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Like I said, I can't speak for anyone, but I find Live to be a lot laggier and I've made sure both consoles have the relevent ports open and they're both running wireless. I'm sure there's a reason, but if it's not my set up or ISP because they're all the same, then what else can it be? Why would I lie about it?

Stevie Ray Vaughan3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Because you're a PS3 diehard. Pretend XBL is somehow more laggy than PSN even when XBL is known as the superior online service. XBL is not anymore laggy than PSN.

gamingisnotacrime3471d ago

Happened with RE5, for Free i was able to go in the RE5 space in home, meet a gamer and start up co-op. Free online is a big deal for me

PirateThom3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

I don't have to pretend. If I was pretending, wouldn't it be more logical to say "I can't connect to games in Live at all" or something completely false? Maybe some people just don't want to hear a paid service is giving someone problems. Shocking.

Tarasque3471d ago

XBL outshines PSN in every aspect, has nothing to do with fanboys or taking this side or that side. Yes PSN is free so it balances out. And for the people saying XBL is laggy just doesn't own a 360 it is plain and simple. You wanna see lagg load up home and just go to the EA section or how about go to the stores and wait 2 mins for the damn clothes to load. When i rent a movie from PSN i have to wait 30 mins before i watch it cause it will catch up and have to buffer and ruin my movie experience but not on live it does not. But i do like how people just comment for the sake of saving grace for their console of choice.

PirateThom3471d ago

Of course Home lags, not just the EA space. It's because it's crap.

n4gno3470d ago

"XBL outshines PSN in every aspect"

Pathetic ms employee trying to justofy the cost of xbl (voice chat, ok...but not free, no internet browser, no vidzone, no home, etc etc)

Marcelles253470d ago

xbox live costs $ and HAS BAD P2P to games like Gears i see my friends playing that and he always says its hard to kill the host because Games like that need Dedicated servers Because we all know thats better than p2p

Games like MAG are coming out and it has 256 Players on Screen at once and theres minimal to no lag and has a good of graphics as gears(yes GEARS it doesnt have that good of Graphics) running at 30fPs. but gears cant push 16 players on screen at once

ape0073470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

guys belive me xbl is a much better place to play,it have all the features

50$ or 40$ for a year is not a big deal for all these amazing features

hell u can spend 50$ at a dinner with your friends,guys you are not that poor,if u were that poor,u would buy the 199$ HD less 360,right???

imo I feel that 50$ is kinda ripoff,30$ or 20$ feels right

XBOX LIVE is BETTER THAN PSN,have good time with home,it's a nightmare,hope for a big update

mythamp3470d ago

Yah dont be cheapo's you ps3 owners, you spend $50 on dinner with friends. huh, always crying about the cost, sony lower your prices, $400 PS3 is sooo expensive, I dont want to starve to death. XBOTs rule for $250, saves me a few more dinners

Hypocrites, you gotta lovem.