Gamer Girls Aren't Special Anymore

Dairuka Sutain, network writer for the Total Gaming Network, recently had an opportunity to analyze the impact of females on the world of gaming. While the number of female gamers are on the rise, the aura of mystery and wonder surrounding them has yet to subside:

"It seems that here in the present, we're well past gaming's induction into mainstream culture, and we're moving on to a second Golden Age where female gamers are everywhere with absolutely no signs of the demographic's growth slowing. They are well on their way to becoming the majority among MMORPG players, with females already taking up 40% of the total population according to the BBC. Console gaming is also no taboo among girls, especially with hardcore female gamers proudly filling up the tournaments, leagues and ladders all over the world. All you need to do is Google a certain clan by the name of PMS to understand my point."

Dairuka proffers that marketing firms are well aware of the impact of female gamers on society, but have yet to try and break the stereotype:

"Marketing firms for publishing and development companies are no different... a new company blog post about the latest female addition to the crew, dolled up and sugar coated to the point where your teeth rot, reading what can only be described as gender exploitation... Through no fault of their own, every single gamer girl in the world has suddenly been lumped into one gigantic generalization that was obviously based on the same types of misogynistic fables that I used to have back when I was young."

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xino3473d ago

enough of all these gamer girl trash articles man, so freaking annoying!

If you want girl gamers, go to PSN h0mE UK!
There are girls on SexBoX Live, lucky enough, search for gamer girl websites.

All these articles dedicated to girl gamer are so outdated and annoying!
The more the girl gamers read articles about them, the more they just get p*ssed off.

MrKLM3473d ago

I really enjoyed this piece.

RogueDOC3473d ago

Nice article. Great read. Thanks!

Loxhart3473d ago

I agree whole heartedly.They should be treated the same when playing video games(that rhymes). 0.o

qface643473d ago

when were they special?

NMC20073473d ago

I came in here wondering the same thing. I have no idea.

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