GhostStorm Review: The Punisher: No Mercy

This game is a first person shooter set in The Punisher comic book world.
But is it punishing to play?

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Sonyslave33469d ago

LOL they should change the name to Mercy because that what you going to be begging for when you play this game.

mrv3213469d ago

Must have tooken you quite a while to correctly place the word Mercy into a sentence it is usually used.... then adding it to a news article about a game with low scores and the name Mercy in it. Outstanding soldier.

scruffy_bear3469d ago

Is it really that bad, havn't play it just yet

Sonyslave33469d ago

lol this game had me begging for mercy why don't it release me.

PirateThom3469d ago

So, when the first joke fell flat, you changed the wording and tried again?

Nice one!