Activision Remains On Top With DJ Hero Leading The Way HipHopGamerShow 7/19/09

1. Activision Guest Stars On The HipHopGamerShow
2. Game Developers Getting A Cut From Gamestop Soon
3. Modern Warfare 2 Exclusive Missions Coming To Xbox360?
4. Game Review – NCAA Football 10 (9 out of 10)
5. Enjoy The Show

NCAA 10 Giveaway For Xbox360 Find Out How To Win

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mrv3213471d ago

It's like sex with a fat person, if they get on top they'll stay there and they ALLWAYS want more cake(money)

Raptor3471d ago

...but then I saw "Hip Hop Gamer" and facepalmed.

chrisnick3471d ago

here we go again.....i gotta say though, what an abrupt and swift downward spiral.

joeyisback25853471d ago

i dont care if the xbots get more missions than ps3 bc i wont have to worry about the rrod like the bots so o well who cares

lloyd_sr13471d ago

RROD is a blemish upon the gaming industry.

Sonyslave33471d ago

duh ps3 got ylod not rrod.

Dawn_Of_Ashes3471d ago

not this f*ggotery again...

YoungJuvi3471d ago

To hhg i read the article about NPD you wrote i tried to login to leave you a comment but couldn't i only could login in the furum section.

My beef with the sony game division beating microsoft gaming division is that SDF website did article the same exact way a year ago even the picture you use is from the site, not original hiphop.

The fight is with 360,Wii and ps3 not the playstation family vs 360 or Wii.

Do you think developer that want to bring their games to the ps3 is going to look at the sales for the playstation family.

And stop kissing up to Activision every game you cover for them is amazing to you. Lol

DJ Hero will suck.

egm_hiphopgamer3471d ago

i got that image from a google search dog, and one that article is original cause i thought about it and wrote it from what was going with these reports talking about sony is stumbling which isn't the case here. Also DJ hero how you know it will suck did you play it? and no one is kissing up to no one I keep it real with everything I do homey. Activision along with every other company know I speak the truth on my show, in front of them , it doesn't matter.

N4PS3G3471d ago


Of course he's going to kiss Activision's @ss..they paid him a trip to vegas so he could cover their games. What did you expect? a free trip to because they like him soo much? lol of course not! now he needs to repay the trip with some nice Activision's @ss licking lol haha

YoungJuvi3471d ago

Dude you do not have to defend Sony because other outlets are talking trash.

People is hating on sony because they are doing something good, haterz only hate because you is doing something good.
Do you see sony PR on n4g defending their product? no.

No i don't have to play DJ Hero to know it suck, it is just another paripheral that activision is selling get some quick cash, i read a lot of previews about the game most of the tracks in the game are from black eye peas, fergie, qwen stephanie and etc. Scratch sounds way better and have a more true hiphop soundtrack. DJ hero is Guitar hero with turn table and hiphop songs by the way you was talking about it on warzone 51.

I never hear you said anything bad about any game from activision or ea games ( lol at madden 2010 surpassing NFL 2k5) every time the PR said something you like oh my good this is amazing " i never seen this before, over exageration" some of there games are good but not like the way you hyping them up to be.

Sonyslave33471d ago

So now it psp,ps2,ps3 vs 360 lol

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The story is too old to be commented.