Rumour: Bioshock for $9.89, Dead Space for $19.89

NextGen Player writes:

"Normally I don't give a lot of weight to rumours about upcoming deals, but considering how accurate the RedFlagDeals post has been at predicting EB Games door crashers, I thought I'd entertain the latest pieces of gossip."

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ape0073473d ago

go buy both,bioshock is AMAZING and from what I hearing that dead space is amazing too(I have it)

himdeel3473d ago

If Bioshock is less than $10 then I can toss it on the pile of bought games. Very very nice find if the rumor happens to be true. I'm calling tomorrow to find out.

ravinash3473d ago

both games I have played from start to end.
Its not often that a game hold my attention all the way through.

Polluted3473d ago

That's how we roll in the great white, baby! :)

Seriously, though, I'd love to pick up Deadspace. Why do these deals always come up when I have $0.


same here i have a car payment comming up too

JL3473d ago

Dammit. Canada only? That sucks. I've been meaning to pick up these games. Since I wasn't too impressed with either of the demos though I don't want to pay much so I've been waiting on some cheap sales price for them. I would've bought them both at these prices too. But alas, not Canadian some guess I'm out of luck.

spunnups3473d ago

Bioshock was worth $60. Still is.

theEnemy3473d ago

I'll buy those two in a heartbeat.

RockmanII73473d ago

got bioshock last year for $30 and I didn't like dead space.

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The story is too old to be commented.