Sony Europe Promotes Blu-ray with "Museum of Low Res" Website

In an unsual promotional effort for Blu-ray, Sony Europe has launched a tongue-in-cheek website called "The Museum of Low Resolution."

The flash-based interactive website is designed to showcase the capabilities of Blu-ray by imagining a world where low-res television is a distant memory, worthy of its own museum. Needlesstosay, in Sony's vision of the future, there is only one high-def disc format, and that format is Blu-ray.

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Scrumptious4193d ago

Entertaining and brainwashing propaganda.


Enjoy before Wal-Mart dictates the future of HD.

ITR4193d ago


Why is the hostess in low res when apparently this is a hi res place?

My holograms should be in at least 720p!

The Panther4192d ago

in related news sony opened the museum of rumble, the future is sixaxis.