Top 10 Meals For Gamers

Koku Gamer writes: "Gamers are a very busy bunch; there isn't much that can be squeezed into our busy schedule. There are a few things we have to squeeze in though; toilet breaks, drink breaks and of course meal breaks. So what makes a good gamer meal? Well we have to enjoy it so taste is important, and it can't cut too much into our game time so it must be quick to prepare.

You don't have to be a Hell's Kitchen contestant to prepare these meals; they are quick, easy and delicious. Here is the Koku Gamer: Top Ten Meals For Gamers."

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Reibooi3470d ago

Wow i guess the fat slob of a gamer stereotype hasn't gone anywhere huh?

Ziriux3470d ago

Well if you think about it alot of the foods mentioned in the article really don't have too much fat in them, but they don't have the necessary vitamins to help the persons immune system, this is why I eat Kiwi's when I play lol, at least I'm consuming some kind of vitamins.

Foxgod3470d ago

most of that food is full of sugar tho, and sugar are easily converted to fat by your body, so in the end you still get fatter.

Ahmad-3470d ago

you don't want your controller to go bad now do you?

WengYong3470d ago

Eat Kiwis while you play? How do they taste?

shovelbum3470d ago

I would only eat two things on that list: PB&J and popcorn. I rarely eat while gaming but when I do, it's usually carrots, fruits or maybe a granola bar.

Tony P3470d ago

You don't eat MEALS while gaming, you eat SNACKS or appetizers.

Taquitos, chips, crisps, hors d'œuvre, maybe even shrimp. Party foods. Anything with 'mini' attached to it.

If you don't want to balloon though, I'd go for grapes and berries.

Bubble Buddy3470d ago

Don't know about you guys but I like to keep my gaming stuff clean so I don't eat any munchies or things you eat with your hands unless I'm just watching. I sometimes eat noodles, ice cream and that stuff though :P

jeseth3470d ago

That being said my top 10 meals while gaming are as follows :

10. Miller Lite
9. Coors Lite
8. Diet Mountain Dew
7. Sam Adams Light
6. Sam Adams Boston Lager
5. Long Trail Double Bag
4. Boddington's Pub Ale
3. Guinness
2. Newcastle Brown Ale
1. Anything by the Berkshire Brewing Company.

I would also like to give an honorable mention to Orange and Grape flavored Kool Aid and Coke Zero.

Game On.

AAACE53469d ago

I rarely eat while gaming, but my favorite snack for gaming is a sandwich. 2 sliced of Brownberry Oatnut bread, Deli cut turkey, Deli cut chedder cheese (I mean fresh deli cut, not the pre-packaged stuff), lettuce, tomatoe and sandwich spread (not regular mayo). A can of Arizona Green Tea, and a Blueberry or Apple Cinnamon muffin.

I cannot explain how good and full of energy I feel after eating this! (I usually get my muffins from a Kwik Trip gas station when I get the Green tea.)

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Xeall3470d ago

Biscuits and crisps, the way foward. Snacks and gaming go together like bullets and badguys

Skivvo3470d ago

This article made me absolutely laugh with joy because everything on there, minus the poptarts, is my staple diet... That exact flavour of Mi Goreng noodles are a 2-pack a day item for me and well, we all know the loving warmth of last night's pizza!

Very good article and totally spot on for me. Brilliant work!

Ziriux3470d ago


You must be Australian? I've never heard of such noodles in the U.S., they do look healthier than Ramen's hehe.

-GametimeUK-3470d ago


Crisps are the badboys of all quick snacks... But if I have to spend more time on a quick snack (maybe I want something warm) then the microwave is a great device!

Pizza, Burgers and also Noodles are my gaming food of choice... Gotta wash it down with a nice can of Coke or maybe a Pepsi

Ziriux3470d ago

A Burger?

That seems to not fit the quick snack category though,as it's quite big and takes time to eat. A hot pocket can be held for a second to get a bite than put down while you kill another noob on CoD4 or Halo 3 or Killzone 2, which ever you pass time by with.

-GametimeUK-3470d ago

A burger is a nice quick snack... The ones you have in the microwave are quite nasty but they do the job... Can eat it in the same time as a packet of crisp... No knife or fork required... Good for gaming imo

Elven63470d ago

Macaroni and Cheese + Pizza are what I usually eat, not while physically gaming of course since I don't want to wreck my gear so I usually take 2 minutes or so to eat as fast as I can.

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