Call of Juarez Bound In Blood Review: An Unsubtle Disguise

Nidzumi writes: Western games are few and far between and because of this scarcity they are often looked upon with great regard and fondness. Gun, Red Dead and the recent Damnation all have their followers even if the game is far from flawless. That's why it was with great hesitation that I picked up Call of Juarez Bound In Blood only to find out that it's been more inspired by Modern Warfare than Western Shoot-Outs...

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Automat3473d ago

there is more to call of duty than modern warfare... I kept thinking cod3 when i played this game.

Heldrasil3472d ago

Fun game, much better than the first!


i have fun with this game. It is good graphically and the Wild West theme is something that u dont see in others FPS. Why every FPS has to be compare to Call of Duty?? This is nothing like COD...ohh I forget that u shoot badguys in COD too. Anyway an enjoyable experience.

Peace and Gaming!!!!!!!