Where Is Activision?

AppGamer writes "Let's face it, Activision have a fondness for easy money and to be fair, who doesn't right? Activision however have built up a particular reputation for exploiting their stable of brands, creating what some would describe as unnecessary sequels, and it has thus far worked out wonderfully for them. With the world and his wife rushing to release games on the App Store it is somewhat baffling to consider that Activision haven't so much as mentioned iPhone gaming in their future plans."

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Foxgod3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Considering how many people will buy modern warfare 2, i can hardly imagine that theres a majority out there that complains about milking.

user8586213473d ago

Activision the new EA

however I do hav respect 4 EA cuz theyre cmin out with some gud solid titles

SevWolf3473d ago

Well they're the new old EA, cause this Gen EA is becoming much much better from what I see, Dead Space was amazing, and Mirror's Edge had it's flaws but was still fresh, and im looking forward to Dante's inferno and others....and I was really happy they picked up Brutal Legend(check the gameplay vids on IGN's youtube channel..AMAZING) which activision dropped and now activision wanna SUE Tim and Double Fine like the greedy idiotic b1tches they are

-GametimeUK-3473d ago

Quality >>> Quantity

Activision can pump out games super fast and make a lot of money along the way... Their money and business ethics means NOTHING to me... All what matters is the final product... Thats why games like Metal Gear, Infamous, Uncharted etc etc end up so special... Yes they are designed to make money BUT you also get the sense that effort has been put into these games to make them the best they can be for the consumer...

mastiffchild3473d ago

WEll, in fairness(and as I despise what Activision do this hurts to write)you could include IW and the first MW in that list of games that feel crafted with care rather than just pushed out to a schedule(and probably MW2 as I do feel Infinity Ward are a good and decent dev). Still, I can't think of much else worthy of praise like that under their stinking umbrella of greed and double standards(esp over pricing issues!).

And as for the "fair" prices they come up with for us UK gamers-just don't get me going as they already rip off the americans before hiking the price of their tacky placcy peripherals for us over here!

MGOelite3473d ago

jammed about 7 inches up their own rectum, i despise activison lately

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The story is too old to be commented.