Pixels Are Forever writes, "When was the last time you popped an SNES cartridge into your console? Hell, when was the last time you popped any kind of cartridge in? For some, the answer may be "Oh, I just popped one in yesterday!" and for others, the answer may be "Come to think of it, I don't know…" This article, though, isn't meant to be aimed at any one of those groups of gamers in specific. Whether you only play games on weekends, or eight hours a day; whether you only own a PS2 or you've had every console since the Atari 2600, this article is meant for you."

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Mr.Mister3470d ago

nice i agree with this article. ive been gaming since the nes area and [email protected] his f-ing right. i suggest anyone to read this article.and i bet that anyone that been and old school gamers will totally agree.

Gue13470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Actually this guy is totally lost on his own opinion. Apparently he forgot about Super Smash TV, Contra, Wolfenstein, Mortal Kombat, BattleToads etc. That he only played Mario and Sonic back in the day does not mean that gaming have changed drastically, graphics and presentation is what have changed. Instead of 2D violence, now we have 3D violence. Why? Because on the Nes hardware it just wasn't possible but we still had the PC with games like Doom.

He say that today everybody focus too much on violent games with guns but look who's the #1 console on the planet... The Wii with its crappy mini-games and Mario based games. Even if he said that nobody in the industry does not take the Wii seriously then somebody must be taking it seriously because it is the best selling console right now.

When Mario became casual you ask? When Mario Galaxy was created. I could beat that game using my feet while being blindfolded. Now anybody could say that every FPS is casual because is easy. Well in fact, that's true. Call of Duty, Halo, etc are all casual on campaign but considered HardCore because of its competitive aspects.

You have to analyze this points more deeply because accusing the games just because they have guns and photorealistic environments don't cut it. Online is another aspect that have changed gaming entirely. Most people play more online than anything else. Better than playing against an algorithm is playing against a real human being. You need skill for that but that does not mean that a casual couldn't enjoy it.

I have more to say but this comment it's getting too long but I will ending it saying that this article is complete fail. And yes, I played Nes and Sega Genesis like 2 week ago. I beat MegaMan X 1-6 on " " like 4 days ago. Right now I'm playing Xenosaga episode I on PS2 and still waiting to buy a new PS3 so... Oldchool, newschool what?

N4g_null3469d ago

He does have some points which are later killed as he tries to drive his point home. The simple point of the matter is the PS1 killed every thing he loves now and we are in a PS brand world and those young gamers grew up with quake 3, UT, and COD. The PS had res evil and GTA and you all bought it. Now that you want a great old school game it is a little too late now. You bough into the PS brand and new or old types of games came with it. Gone was the real console magic and what is left is a bunch of DVD memories LOL. Just playing with that last thing but really.

We have the VC why cry about this current gen when it is proving every thing the hardcore said long ago. Gaming is forgetting what made them fun.

Things work way more like a check list than the way things use to.
You just need "HD graphics"
Marketing campaign and hype.
And a large dose of violence and we can all be rock stars.

Seriously what happened to the type of fun where you wanted to keep playing because the game play was fun. I always though it was bad to see nintendo take stuff like blood out of games but really man some games sell only because of it it seems...

IMOP these guys who like this stuff are way worse that the casual gamer because they want all games to be this way and come to the internet to proclaim them selves hardcore. Hell if this is the case we need to change this name or come up with a new name LOL.

I loved action oriented games that had a core mechanic most games coming out are about climbing and cut scenes two things I hate the most in an action game. The cover thing is a little funny also because we never needed a cover button and you could take cover how ever you wanted, by dodging or simply ducking... sounds silly huh but it worked.

Another thing is the value that the hardcore gamer see now days has changed and you have to say the hardcore gamer is seen as a 30-18 year old and it is a lot harder to keep them playing than others.

I don't remember playing with many grown ups on the nes yet in the arcade you could find any one playing a game even older pretty girls LOL which was sweet! Now I log on and hear a bunch of insults LOL that these people think is funny. This is why talking in game should be banned.

You will notice the people who are actualy good at these games barely say a thing though.

ian723470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

I remember having my commodore64 and having to wait 10 to 15 minutes for it to load a game from tape. Then after playing for a few minutes had to load in the next bit, and doing the same for the next 8 levels,(Fank Bruno's Boxing). 10 fights and every fight had to load in, and If you lost you had to load the beginning again. Those were the days. I feel old now.
We had violence then but not like now. Games then were for kids, now they are for all ages. Also games were very hard back in the days, now they are a lot easier.