The Conduit not off to a great start in Europe

The Conduit's performance in the market will almost surely be examined for the next few weeks. As has been reiterated time and time again, developers/publishers may be influenced based on how well the game sells.

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knox3468d ago

wow thats sad, all i can say is that i hope it does better next week

Blaze9293468d ago

Not like it was it off to a great start in America. Dunno why anyone expected a difference.

sinncross3468d ago

Thsi is not good news for Nintendo or High Voltage at all.

Polluted3468d ago

Mostly Sega, I'd say. High Voltage proved they can make a decent game so they'll all still have jobs regardless of the sales. Nintendo is selling a crap tonne of Wiis so I'm sure they aren't losing any sleep over a lack of hardcore game sales.

In the end it's Sega who loses profit because they keep thinking there's actually a hardcore contingent of Wii owners and funding good games that ultimately flop at retail. At least they gave a good effort. Best just go back to waggle fests, I suppose...

SpoonyRedMage3468d ago

It depends how well it sells in the end. Sega said Madworld did under their expectations but good enough and they said HOTD was profitable and will fund further mature/hardcore developments. Sega does seem to be making a profit on these games despite the low sales and they seem quite content.

N4g_null3467d ago

It would be better if we knew what 29th in this chart was. Any way this is a slow burner we all know this. As soon as the reviews from every one roll in it will get another boost.

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intruder_qc3468d ago

Indeed its sad, but not unexpected. If we look at previous mature new IP game from third party they have done terribly on the Wii. MadWorld and No More Heroes comes to mind.

Each time peoples have great hope for those new promising title, but it seems the consummer market arent interested.

ChickeyCantor3468d ago

if NMH did terrible then i don't understand why they had a party and are developing a sequel.

As for Madworld, can't speak of that.

knox3468d ago

what party? oh and nmh did good in the us but i think badly in japan

asdr3wsfas3464d ago

No More Heroes is one of a handful of Suda's games ever to have the commercial success required for a sequel.

SpoonyRedMage3468d ago

I didn't even know it was out yet! I'll have to pick it up!

mastiffchild3468d ago

Well, it's odd but I hadn't preordered Spoons and the only place in my little town that sells games is BB. When I went to pick one up they had none at all! I couldn't even find out whether it was sold out, they didn't get any copies or what had gone on-there wasn't even a rental so God knows.

IDK if it's like this anywhere else but I haven't seen one ad for the game in the UK-no TV and not in any game mags I've seen(not many admittedly this month)-so one might be forgiven into feeling Sega and HVS just aren't pushing this for whatever reason. Poor US sales? Budget for Wii promotion gone post Madworld(which was pushed heavily IIRC)and lack of recoup from it's poor sales?

Whatever, could just be my BB and I missed the ads but I've not had this happen before and the sales seem low even for a third party game when it's this , up to now anyway, high profile.

SpoonyRedMage3468d ago

I've only seen ads on the net and they've been about the US release. Not heard a peep about it here in the UK.

N4g_null3467d ago

Spoony I think that was the real problem. It's a classic sega move... pooof it's out WTF really YES! So you have to blame sega of the EU I guess if they even still have one.

YoungJuvi3468d ago

Whats new here, Conduit is an average game serve them right.

The game is not big as people was hyping it to be look at the score for these so call HARDCORE Wii title then Wii talk.

knox3468d ago

i dont think the conduit is the best wii game at all but that attitude doesnt help, at least hvs tried and was trying to make a good wii game. the conduit still has some good online and theyre making the grinder, gladiator a.d. and theres secret projects we dont know about. so at least they have a good mindset and care about hardcore wii gamers.

phalanx_mark3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

technologically,graphically and for controls it shines, high voltage made a great engine but the game looks awful design wise, story, art, level, character design... i have only read the eurogamer review so i am basing my opinions off that!

somekindofmike3468d ago


"i dont think the conduit is the best wii game at all but that attitude doesnt help"

that is a ridiculous statement! we are the consumers, it's up to the developer to make a game which we want to buy, and then it's up to the publisher to advertise the hell out of the game so we know about it!

we don't have to buy a product just because the developers tried there best! they are not a charity! if they don't produce the goods, they don't get the money.

my comments are in no way based on the quality of the game because I haven't tried it yet, but from what I've heard & read it's better than average, but not amazing, I might pick it up once it drops in price a bit, mainly because I don't buy any game at full price as i'm cheap!

N4g_null3467d ago

The game is fine... the realistic parts look like a realistic game and the alien parts look that way also. I'm not going to give them the art award but it all works so in an essence it is GOOD design.

This game really points back to a time where the actually game play elements mattered. They did not have any help from over the top graphics... This game shines if you actually play it.

I'm sure some of the graphics are going to surprise to you also.

Seriously it won't be the commentators that decide the faith of this game it will be gamers. So say what you will people still love this game.

EvilTwin3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

Scissor -- Some of the reviewers probably only played the first few levels of Conduit then rated it. But those who invest time in the game aren't going to be disappointed, and they ARE playing. 2 a.m. on Sunday (well, Monday morning) last night, I was still finding full matches online. That says something about the quality of the online gameplay.

asdr3wsfas3464d ago

Guys if you say a game has a bad feature, it'd be great if you'd played it first. I've been playing FPS games since Doom and went through Quake 1-3, various UT games, and the Conduit is fun as hell. Resident Evil has a story many many times more generic (EVIL BIOTECH COROPORATION RESEARCH OH NO) and people rate it amazingly well. And yes, I like RE.

You miss the biggest parts of the plot of the Conduit if you don't look for hidden messages and listen to the radio. This takes hours and hours. The plot is not accessible in a review strapped for time based on the method they chose to present it - HVS stated repeatedly that they would present it in this way, and the reviewers still didn't listen.

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