Wonderwallweb: Batman Arkham Asylum Impressions

Wonderwallweb Writes:

Batman Arkham Asylum really is shaping up to be one of the best comic/movie based games around and in our opinion it's already a success even before it hits the stores.

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Kushan3471d ago

Played this for a while myself, it's a VERY nicely presented game. All comic book games should be presented as well as this one. However, the gameplay IS a little shallow. Combat may as well be a one-button affair, think along the lines of assassins creed, impressive looking but not very deep. Still, its a wonderful game to play and the story is pretty damn good. It deserves a lot of high praise and sales, but sadly due to the predominantly SP element, I fear it'll be quickly pushed into "rental" territory.

Sonyslave33471d ago

I want a mature Superman game .