Batman Arkham Asylum: Joker not playable on 360 ever

Wonderwallweb writes:

At a special preview event taking place yesterday Rocksteady's Sefton Hill confirmed that The Joker will only be playable on the PS3 version and said that due to a exclusivity deal with Sony he will not be playable on the Xbox 360 at anytime in the future.

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shocky163470d ago

*sheds a tear*

who cares? I was getting the superior PS3 version anyway. :)

lociefer3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

for eva , for eva ? for eva eva , for eva eva ?

shocky163470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Outkast - Sorry Miss Jackson :D

Cwalat3470d ago

I'm buying it since i only have PS3, but i gotta say...
All this exclusivity part of multigames is starting to annoy me.

Multiplat is multiplat, and no part of the game should be exclusive to either system.

That's a shoutout to Fallout3, GTAIV, Mirror's Edge aswell.

F N A Pepper3470d ago

I'm a game programmer and i'll tell you what right now, PS3 is a great system, but it is far from superior, all games that are multiplatform are pretty much programmed for the xbox 360 from the ground up then ported to the Ps3, ultimately there is nothing superior in the multiplatform games, Exclusive games is a total different story, i love Killzone 2 and Infamous, and those are superior games but as far as Batman, sorry dude it's gonna be (MX vs. Atv or Ghostbusters all over again) but as far as playing the joker is concerned, who cares, i buy a batman game to play as batman not the joker, I have both systems and i'll be buying it for the 360 because of its superior ram and true texture capability, it will definitely look better on xbox.

Blogz4Fanboys3470d ago

say goodbye to your last two bubbles for saying that....i gave you a bubble by the way. you're going to need it

also, if you want people to believe you really are a dev, perhaps you should let us know what studio you work for, and on what games??

anyway, i own both systems, and if i do pick it up. it will be for the 360. achievements and so forth.

Parapraxis3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

"I'm a game programmer and i'll tell you what right now...i'll be buying it for the 360 because of its superior ram and true texture capability"
- F N A Pepper

Oh lol.

raztad3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

@F N A

A quick question my friend. Are you a better programmer than the fat dude at Valve? If those guys at Valve dont know how to code efficiently for the PS3 I highly doubt you do, unless you work for ND and know something we dont. No offense intended.

BTW, better RAM or superior textures? UC says HI! and kills anything else in the other box.

On topic: Joker in Batman:AA is a big plus. I'm keeping an eye on this game to see how it performs. Hope it is really good as Eidos is promising.

talltony3470d ago

If you honestly have a choice of what system to get this for and get it for 360. Your just stupid and foolish if you do that. Their is nothing to even think about, you get free playable joker on one and not the other for the same price.

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kewlkat0073470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

I remember buying soul Caliber 2 for link on the Gamecube and also got Spawn on the original xbox. Heiachi wasn't anything special or out of the ordinary on the PS2 so never got that version.

So this is nothing new here..whatever same game. Watch after 2 months Joker DLC.

Beating your chest over special playable characters is least you have a choice.

mastiffchild3470d ago

This is crappy news but only, sadly, to be expected I am afraid. MS may have started the daft timed/partial/demo exclusivity this gen but they'd all do it given the chance and this is the proof.

Whether any of it sways dual console owners(who, lets face it are less likely to actually care about the shenanigans even if they're aimed at them as they've less need for console loyalty)to buy one version opf a multi over another beyond, say, what effect controller preference may have is very debatable to me. Would I take AA on PS3 over 360 IF I liked the 360 pad better? I doubt it as the overall experience would be better with my controller of choice-and the same goes for the iniscule visual differences we get too.

I just can't imagine that it actually makes enough difference to even pay for itself in many cases and a game should have the same content wherever it's played. It's getting tiresome.

PotNoodle3470d ago

Sony didn't say they *wouldn't* pay for exclusives, they said that they didn't *need* to thanks to their first party studio's.

UltimateIdiot9113469d ago

Your view has to be pretty narrow if you think paying for exclusives is the only way to secure exclusives. There are many other variables and factors that play into making a deal that can range from one company favoring one over another to favorable long term goals.

LtSkittles3469d ago

If people like one system's controller over the other than that's fine. If they only have one system it's kind of hard not to have a choice platform.

ThanatosDMC3469d ago

Beyond me why they just dont shoot Batman in the face. Heck, if i was a criminal mastermind. I'd lay a trap for him with Barret .50 cal sniper rifles. Meh, im one of those that wishes super heroes meet their end. I mean, it's more realistic for people to use their brains after all.

phosphor1123469d ago

That MS gets probably about half of their exclusive content using exclusive DLC, while Sony has a few handfuls of 1st party devs making games for them as well.

That's what I think atleast.

Oh, and these guys need to fix the N4G servers... cuz it's getting harder and harder to connect to this site.

phosphor1123469d ago

Batman will eat you for brunch. =P

Blaze9293469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

So this is what Sony is spending their money on? Exclusive characters? LOL. I doubt any 360 and PC owners are crying at not being able to play at Joker. OMG NO JOKER!? WHAT WILL THEY DO!?

Seriously, come on now, it's just a CHARACTER that can't even be played for their own story mode, just missions. I don't see the big wow over this -_-

ThanatosDMC3469d ago

I'm fine with that as long as he doesnt start yelling at me like he was choking. "Where is he... arhh arhh!"

whothedog3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

Well to tell you the truth, I'm not sure they had to put much money down considering the game... DC Universe Online is also coming to PS3/PC so I don't know maybe one perk is having exclusive Joker, who knows.

But yeah the character looks fun

Are multiplatforms still that different from each other for people to want less content?

Bubble Buddy3469d ago

F N A: And I used to rule the world, seas would rise when I gave the word.

ThanatosDMC: Just get
Jason Bourne
Jack Bauer
James Bond

on Batman and he's done. :)


My source tells me that Sony paid 50Million$ Dollars for this exclusive deal. :)

DonCorneo3469d ago

That's what I like about this. It's comes in the box.

XBox exclusive DLCs are something you have to pay for - that's extra money and not something to brag about. Those DLCs could have came in with the game but developers know that XBox owners loved to get milked (expensive harddrive). But don't fret XBox owners; you may still get Alfred as a playable character.

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vhero3470d ago

Yeah because the same devs who made Soul Calibur made this game didn't they? God some people are dumb..

GarandShooter3470d ago

Not quite the same situation. SCIV had exclusive content for both consoles, that became paid DLC for the other. Simply a moneygrab. This is the type of 'exclusive' content deal I hate.

To date, I've seen no exclusive content announced for the 360 for Batman:AA. I can't see the devs/pubs making this paid DLC for the 360, and only punishing 360 owners. If it comes out as free DLC in the future for the 360, then good for the people who purchased it on the platform.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

"Why so Serious xBots???" ;-D

TIKUP3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

SIR i can always count on you for making the weirdest yet funniest comments on n4g ahhaaahaha
+ bubbles

thenickel3470d ago

Well this is a good incentive for PS3 owners to actually go out and buy the game. As much as it sucks for 360 not to get it i think that it's a smart move by the developer to try and sell more PS3 copies. If the 360 version sells a lot more copies I'm sure they will support it and make some exclusive content for MS as well.