Persona 5 PS3 Exclusive?

Sankakucomplex writes:

What appears to be an accidental announcement from a pachinko industry publication holds that "a consumer announcement of PS3 exclusive Persona 5 is scheduled."

The mention is slipped in with the industry announcement surrounding a Megami Tensei themed pachinko machine, so it seems unlikely to be an outright fabrication, though of course it could be genuinely mistaken, and it will almost certainly turn out to be "mistaken" and quietly excised

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MGOelite3470d ago

never heard of the persona series but seriously wth is it (looks at the screens on the article)

Voozi3469d ago

His first console gen was this gen, be easy now ;)

MGOelite3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

kindly gtfo^^ my first console was the SNES>ps1>ps2>wii>P S3

vhero3469d ago

Meh never been a fan of the old games maybe this one will be better but I mean we really want a new Nex-Gen Suikoden!

JonnyBigBoss3469d ago

Persona have been some of the absolute best RPGs of the past decade. They have only been for the PS2 though. This is a huge announcement really, because once the PS3 has more RPGs it will have no weakness.

gamesmaster3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

brilliant! im playing 4 on my ps2 at the moment. persona as a series is a very niche franchise. quirky JRPGs, i love them.

UltimateIdiot9113469d ago

=O It's either you're out of touch with JRPG or you've been living under a rock.

Anyway, it's a Shin Megami Tensei game. Persona has been around since PS1 and other Shin Megami Tensei game a bit further back. It's a series revolving around demons and different ideologies where your choice influences the outcome. It's a really good series and if you enjoy what if scenarios, then this is something you'll enjoy.

mastiffchild3469d ago

The last two Persona's on PS2 were better than any next genjrpgs imo-I'd be more than happy to see a next gen one appear whether exclusive to PS3 or not. Tbh , though I like the quirky and charming art of the series I can't realy imagine what going HD will offer the series as you wouldn't even say they were flash looking PS2 games really.

As long as they don't mess the formula for the games it'll be another instant classic for me and so long as the visuals aren't as lazy as those of Disgaea3 when that series made the HD jump we'll be fine.

I'm no jrpg expert and haven't played them religiously like many fans have but I don't miss a Megami Tensei these days-I didn't think they'd top number three but, for me, four was even more of a buzz. A bit more eye candy would just be the icing on the cake as long as the story and gameplay are up to standard. Looking forward to it!

Anyone else wonder if , seeing 360's Japanese standing, and the fact it's a PS sralwart so most fans will own PS3s would it even be worth making a niche title(esp in the west) on MS console? I'm not so sure it's financially viable to make two versions-one of which will have a very limited home audience and possibly even fewer on 360 in the US/EU-so maybe the PS3 exclusivity isn't misguided.

Whatever, as long as it arrives sooner rather than later-great summons!

ssipmraw3469d ago

smaller companys such as NIS are capable of releasing games for the ps3 exclusively so im sure that atlus can be just as capable :)

rockleex3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

Just wait and see all the exclusive JRPG announcements Sony will make at TGS! >:D

Btw, I think this is an official announcement of the coming announcement of Persona 5. No mistake.

You should get an exclusive Zone of the Enders 3 from Kojima!!! >_<
I need my someone to satisfy my Mech hunger! Armored Core has been slipping off ever since part 3.

Or, Sony should work with From Software on their next Armored Core since Sony helped with Demon's Souls and it turned out to be AAA.

Plus, we need Dark Cloud 3 with Play Create Share features! >:D

GameGambits3469d ago

That site is almost a porn site yeesh. I will def. take what they have to say with a grain of salt.

As for "what is Persona," you need to just go back to Halo and quite down.

JL3469d ago

I will take this with a grain of salt as well til we get official announcement. However this would be big for PS3 if it turns out to be true. I'd still like to go back and play Persona 4, but I don't have a means to play ps2 games at the moment.

Zedux3469d ago

OMG!!! So much pornography in that site there had to be some warning from N4G before clicking the link!!!

rockleex3469d ago

Ever been a bad thing? ^_~

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shocky163470d ago

Persona series started on PS1-PS2 and now PS3 so hopefully we'll here a official announcement soon.

Voozi3469d ago

Meh I'll wait for the official announcement because we've seen what happened with Devil May Cry & Armored Core so...but either way exclusive or not, was planning on getting this on my PS3 regardless of exclusive or not exclusive(assuming P5 was coming out on current gen consoles and not PS2)

Ninji3469d ago

Finally it stopped being on the PS2.

Model3469d ago

is persona any good ? never played it

Elven63469d ago

I played some of Persona 4, the environment/setting was really immersive, I got up-to the pat where you are allowed to freely roam around but I stopped their since I didn't have the time commitment then to finish it. Might go back to it shortly though.

ssipmraw3469d ago

ive played persona 3 and 4, both games are very good and original.
i love how the series doesnt have that lame medieval style final fantasy games consist of.

kagon013469d ago

The series needed to move in the platform of the future.

I want Suikoden to do that as well...

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keysy4203469d ago

isnt this games still selling copies on ps2. this wouldn't make sense to convert your players

ssipmraw3469d ago

its not like persona is as well known as sayy Final Fantasy, its a very nich but hardcore series

Reibooi3469d ago

The persona franchise and by some degree the SMT franchise has been exclusive to the playstation platform since the PS1 so this makes alot of since. Either way I will take the game any way i can get it.

HarukoHex3469d ago

yet so has devil may cry, ace combat, star ocean, armored core, and import tuner challenge, were all sony only titles, until this gen, so we will have to wait and see.

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