Will Lego Rock Band = One Too Many

ResumePlay's Michael Perry Writes: "Just look at all the new plastic instrument games coming out this year. My opinion on the matter: they are completely milking this franchise to reap every little coin they can get out of it. The sad truth though is that every one of these games are going to do not only well but great. One of these titles that has me a little concerned is the new Lego Rock Band announced for virtually everything. Will LRB be enough to hold its own weight, or will it become a waste of money for the developers?"

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brandynevils3469d ago

This makes me so sad to read. I love Legos...always have, lol. I love the Lego Batman and Indiana Jones games for pretty much every system. It kinda makes me mad to see them drag my poor Legos through the mud.

SullyDrake3469d ago

Lego has nothing music-related in its catalogue. This isn't a case where Metallica or The Beatles can fit right in with their huge followings and timeless records.

They'd be better off making Lego character skins as DLC for Rock Band 2 IMO. I won't be purchasing this unless the song list is terrific; the Lego name bears no influence on my decision.