Playstation Lifestyle: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Preview

Developer Vicarious Visions is making sure Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is doing everything that the previous title did, but better. There are more characters, better visuals, and various gameplay enhancements. The roster of characters include: Juggernaut, Songbird, and Hulk to name a few of the highlighted fan favorites. At least 24 characters will be available upon release. The events will all take place during the Civil War, providing the perfect backdrop for mayhem and teamwork.

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Afreelunch3468d ago

"..doing everything that the previous title did?"

...So I'll get two copies of it for christmas, and trade them both in unopened? Sweeeet, I've been meaning to play Far Cry 2 for some time now.

Lifewish3468d ago

never played the first one but i will def. give this a rental