Five Tennis Games You Should Have Played

Since the humble beginnings of Pong, tennis has always been a sport that has translated well to videogames.

With Wimbledon now in the rear-view mirror, what better time than now to take a look at some of the past champions of videogame tennis, a genre that's almost as old as videogaming itself.

Here are five of the best offerings from the last five console cycles, starting with the era of the NES and Sega Master System.

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Gamingisfornerds3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

As far as I'm concerned, the only real tennis game on that list is TopSpin 3.

That game right there is the only game that approaches what tennis is all about. Except, it just lacks atmosphere and needs some more tweaking, like is mentioned in the article. Other than that, it's fantastic.