Who Wants A Brand New PS3 For £200

Sitting on the fence about buying a PlayStation 3? Is the price the main reason for your indecision? Then maybe now's the time to make a move…if you're lucky and you're quick.

UK high street chain WHSmith is selling the ps3 for £200 – two thirds of their usual price – in selected stores. The reason for this is unclear; though it is worth noting that the only console for sale on their website is the Nintendo Wii.

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madmonkey03469d ago

if i didnt already have one, this owuld be a good deal.

FrankenLife3468d ago

Sooooo they are charging about as much as it costs in America. If this is such a great deal, then sony doesn't really need to drop the price all over the world, just make it cost the same as it does in America. But it would be fair to adjust a little for the different shipping costs.

a_squirrel3468d ago

it's not sony's fault it's more expensive there...

Haven't you heard that Europeans get the 'quality stuff'

uie4rhig3469d ago

actually i need another one, since i will be moving out and lil bro will want to play with a ps3 hmm
i might get another one.. not sure yet !

scruffy_bear3469d ago

Well at this price it's a steal

Blackcanary3469d ago

Got to say that in UK we get really good deals on the PS3.

Nitrowolf23469d ago

at my local mall there a store (never heard of them before first time i saw it was yesterday) they are having there PS3 50 dollars off mail in rebate. that pretty good if you ask me, i mean it half of what people want but its good.

sak5003468d ago

No need still too expensive. Dont have space for it with 1x50" 2x360s, 1x32", 1x19", 2x home theaters in the 1 bed apt.

Mite consider it at 150$.

RockmanII73468d ago

Oh wait, I'll be waiting with you

user39158003468d ago

PS3 its good enough for an ash tray and nothing else.

psycho3603468d ago

I'll join in for waiting for Waitstation3 price drop club.

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