Xbox beats PS3 and Wii to become the 'it' console?

Has Microsoft's Xbox 360 finally cemented itself as the 'it' console for this generation? Becoming the most talked about, played and respected?

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KionicWarlord2223468d ago

"Either way, with the big man at the top referencing Microsoft's console it's all good publicity and certainly highlights the fact that Microsoft has come a long way in the console marketplace."

Oh yeah!

ShabzS3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

yeah they've definitely come a long way since the original xbox

[email protected] kionic: they should actually do that ... pizza hut and dominoes home dilivery with the menu selection right off of the nxe?... that would be awesome... my airtel digital reciever already does that here in india... so its not impossible...

KionicWarlord2223468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

Edit @ above : Definitely asking Microsoft about that.

Yes they have. Xbox360 is constantly evolving .

Next year`s NXE will be Pizza hut and dominoes app.


I cant wait .

But seriously what will it be?


Blogz4Fanboys3468d ago

but the 360 is definately doing well! it's good to see three consoles thriving.

Myst3468d ago

Or they can get a tip from that one Nintendo Wii menu channel that debuted in Japan.

"The new channel will utilize the online food ordering service. Wii owners will be able to order pizza, sushi, Chinese food, Japanese food, Western food, curry, etc. When you select one of those choices, a music selection that matches the food's mood will play on the Channel."

They should at least pick a brand that is in every town, pizza hut seems like the best choice and now I'm craving one of their pizzas and breadsticks :(.

JsonHenry3468d ago

They certainly have my vote so far.

But after seeing Sony's motion control setup I think I would prefer to play a game on Sony's machine and their version of motion control until MS's Natal can prove itself.

Hellsvacancy3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

But most of the 360 owners i know hav said the only reason they bought the 360 was coz the Ps3 cost 2 much and that they hav EVERY intention on gettin a Ps3 (but when Gt5s out and the Ps3s a b!t cheaper)

(Stupid ass Comment thing - wouldnt let me add the words "b!t cheaper" - it thinks im tryin 2 spell b!tch lol)

Rainstorm813468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

Going by the sales ...... Wii is the "it" console

Going by top quality games...... PS3 is the "it" console

Going by online features...... X360 is the "it" console

Going by the president speech....... Consoles shouldnt be "IT"

Hmmmm What to believe?

AAACE53468d ago

To me, I have always viewed the console wars like some of the past great boxers!

I will refer to Nintendo as Rocky, because their games are inspirational, but overall live in a fantasy world. Nintendo is that company that came out of nowhere and became the champ! But now, they have been replaced by realism.

Sony will be referred to as Ali, because the sales of the Ps2 basically make it the greatest of all time in alot of peoples eyes.

Microsoft is basically Tyson, because they have their flaws and alot of people refuse to consider them on the same level as Ali. Even though they have shown that they can compete.

I call Nintendo Rocky because, it was always entertaining to watch Rocky movies... But just like EA realized... Everyone wants to see the big dogs go at it (Sony and MS)!

Some people have their favorites and some just wanna see a good fight and don't care who wins as long as they get a good show for their money (i'm part of the latter).

vhero3468d ago

Yeah because an MS sites gonna come out and say the wii is the "it" console.. The fact is you hear more about the ps3 these days MS are obsessed with it, constantly slating it. The reason the 360 was talked about more was mostly for negative reasons like RROD and crappy storage medium for HD gaming.

Syronicus3468d ago

Especially since the "First Family" admittedly owns a Wii and not a 360. lol

MazzingerZ3468d ago

Of course Obama doesn't refer to the PS3, those gamers are already paying taxes...the worries are about the kids and teens, Wii and X360 owners

Maddens Raiders3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

This just in: announces PS3 is the "IT" console.



Blogz4Fanboys3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

except when playstionlfestyle or psextreme says things like this, every sony fanboy on here goes crazy and start waving flags like it's something factual.

amazing how it works on here isn't it.

3468d ago
DevastationEve3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

"...crappy storage medium..."

What determines how good the game looks is the system itself as a whole and how developers can use the power they've been given. Not just the storage medium.


*both consoles have about the same amount of memory, with the exception that having unified memory makes Xbox 360 able to handle larger memory demands.

PS3: 256MB XDR + 256MB GDDR3
Xbox 360: 512MB GDDR3 + 10MB EDRAM


*both consoles have a very powerful graphics chip, with the exception that Xenos being a unified shader GPU makes Xbox 360 very flexible in meeting the demands of a dynamic workload.

PS3: RSX, a standard shader array GPU
Xbox 360: Xenos, a unified shader architecture GPU


*both consoles have a formidable CPU, with the exception that CellBE will always need to work with RSX to make up for RSX's poor vertex performance.

PS3: CellBE, a single dual-threaded PPE and its 8 subordinate SPE units, one of the 8 is in use by the OS, the 8th is locked. 2 PPE threads plus 6 SPE threads equals 8 threads of execution. SPEs are fed work from the PPE through the EIB, which means developers have to tailor PS3 games to use those SPEs effectively.

Xbox 360: symmetrical triple dual-threaded cores. 2 threads per core, 3 cores equals 6 threads of execution. all cores are independent from each other, all threads are immediately available as long as developers build their game engine for multithreading.

coolirisGB3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

"This article is silly" Not as silly as the "The PS3 is doing better than you think" article. PS3 fans have some fight in them this weekend. I guess the NPD shock is over YO! GOE!


DevastationEve3468d ago

On a side note, I believe it's Capcom with their MT Framework Engine that's come the closest to utilizing Xbox 360's full potential. A lot of developers have been able to make good work with either Xenos or Xenon. But Capcom has been able to build a game engine that both takes advantage of the multhithreading capabilities of 360's CPU AND the flexibility and strength of 360's unified shader GPU. They've also been able to utilize the extremely high efficient daughter die to hit the ideal target of 720p with 4xMSAA with their games.

They've earned my badge of approval :) Their games look awesome.

coolirisGB3468d ago

I forgot to ask what's owning a Wii have to do with the point of the article?

coolirisGB3468d ago

I forgot to ask what does owning the Wii have to do with the point of this article?

FamilyGuy3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

I still don't understand how M$ ignore the wii how it does, nobody ignored the gamecube last gen and no ignores the wii when they want to claim the PS3 as third place.

They want to ignore the wii in a way similar to comparing cell phone games to handheld system games but they are miles apart and wii games are only different because of SD/ED and that most of them are motion controlled. Thing is, not ALL it's games are mandatory motion controlled and there are also a few core games on the system, it just has a lot of shovelware/casual titles as well.

Beyond all that, everyone wants a PS3.
Everyone talks about the PS3
More people claim "Well i only want/have one for the exclusives" (a true reason to own a system) than PS3 owners claiming they want 360 for it's exclusives.
More people were buying PS3s before M$ desperate price cut last year

Face the facts, more people own 360s by default, not by personal choice. It's what mommy could afford in most cases.

They claim that the 360 is getting nothing but positiver news which is a huge lie. Everyone knows about and considers the fact that the 360 has a hardware problem and they STILL talk about it. That 3 year warranty is the only saving grace or the console would be ignored altogether by now.

Ask ANY 360 owner if there are games they want that are exclusive to the PS3 and worth buying one for and then do the same for someone who only owns a PS3 and see who wants the other more. MOST PS3 only owners are happy enough with the purchase that they don't even think about "I'll probably get a 360 when **** comes out".
In most cases, either they have a 360 already or they don't plan on getting one. So how does that make it the "It" console?

I'm just saying :/

Obama is the president of the U.S. so of course he would say the Xbox as more people own them than PS3 and he wouldn't say the wii because his family owns and plays the wii so he knows how most of it's games work, they're mini-games. Who would play mini-games for hours and hours on top of the fact the your arm/s can get exhausted while playing wii games so you'd naturally put them down faster. So on that note the wii is ignored when complaining about gaming too much because kids don't usually play the wii for hours and hours.

topdawg1223467d ago

Fo sho, X box has come a long way for its second console and they are doing great, especially with creating a great online experience, all they gotta do is improve hardware reliability!!

Syronicus3467d ago

"PS3 fans have some fight in them this weekend. I guess the NPD shock is over YO! GOE!


"I forgot to ask what's owning a Wii have to do with the point of the article?"

If you recall, the pres makes a negative comment on gaming and how families and kids should play outside and together more often but then admits he owns a Wii. If he owns a Wii and makes negative comments about gaming in reference tot he Xbox, then I would say the Xbox is not the "it" console but rather the butt of the presidents joke. It all shows more of the presidents double standard and how much of an idiot he is but at the end of the day, he is not being nice to the 360 but rather crass.

And one more thing, what does my comment have to do with NPD sales?

N4g_null3464d ago

To the PS3 fans seriously every one is waiting on direct x 11 not a PS3 price drop. MS was smart and sony can not hope to beat them in the tech game. MS is bleeding these guys then direct x 11 is going to show sony you are way way behind. I believe that is the plan. And like most high tech things when some better comes along you buy that.

MS is attacking SONYs main problems yet the fanboys keep ignoring this stuff. Thus SONy keeps thinking they will be fine until sales of their system fall completely off. Hope fully that does not happen, but seriously you should already have a PS3 if you want one. The same way that most people have an HDtv if they want one.

I remember every one saying they would get a dreamcast also... they all did once you could burn disk LOL. Who knows we all might need a blu ray player one day also...

MS knows SONy's first party is weak and they know that the 3rd party is the only real threat. So they bought them. This is unlike SONy when they offered lower prices for media. The cell was a mistake developer wise but fan base wise it's a great myth to hold on to. It's like the system is called the SONy thor or some thing LOL.

Any way SONY needs a bail out or an expansion of fans... or every xbox to get RROD yet even that does not effect MS because SONy got us use to this with the PS1 and 2 hell we even paid for new ones. A lot of stuff that SONy is doing or has done is compiling against them.

SONy claimed to have great services and even a bank on line LOL. Now MS is doing all of that stuff minus the bank LOL yet give them time... the live accounts are very close to that.

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ChickeyCantor3468d ago

Why am I not surprised...
Kinda biased on their side?

sunil3468d ago

its extremely biased. the article only shows desperation... the "it" console this generation is the Wii - 50 mil units sold... simple. Agreed 360 games might spend more time on their consoles than the Wii, but really who cares Wii sports is the best selling game ever !

yea you can claim the 360 is for hardcore gamers, but with Natal (and the wand wrt Sony) isnt the hardcore game console manufacturer(s) going casual?

ChickeyCantor3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

" yea you can claim the 360 is for hardcore gamers, but with Natal (and the wand wrt Sony) isnt the hardcore game console manufacturer(s) going casual?"

Or simple going mainstream?
Motion controls does not equal "casual".
Its not the games that make one a hardcore gamer, its the gamer and his/her time/effort spent on it.

The word is mainstream, Casual does not mean retarded kids and soccer-mom, thats the diluted definition the N4G community made up because they feel insecure about their man hood.

Enjoy games for what they are, there is no such thing as "hardcore" coming from a game, its the other way around. Your hardcoreness comes from you.

I'm afraid I can't let you do that, Dave...
Please excuse me for a moment as I go interface.

user39158003468d ago

Unlike Ken suckalate, the president has taste, and yes the xbox its the "it".

There is no other option, nor competition assuming that owning a Wii its just wiitarded (I have 2 of them), owning a ps3 for playing Blu ray movies. There is no competition really, the only console with the most fun factor its the 360.

Although its good to have a ps3 for collecting dust and a well balanced door stopper, there is really no use for it since I can stream any movie I want and watch it with the 360, and the PS3 its irrelevant.

The waitstation its calling out Ken for some leaking and BBQ grilling.

JokesOnYou3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

360 has survived RROD and still managed to create a great reputation among gamers, playstation no longer has the mindshare that it once did, xbox is mentioned more often and referenced more often by gamers and media now and unlike the xbox in the ps2 days NOW the majority of 3rd party devs think about the 360 as a FIRST option, currently the 360 has outsold ps3 in the US and UK for the entire year even WITHOUT any of 360's highly anticipated big gun exclusives, while ps3 most hyped exclusives most notably KZ2 which didn't even have a short-lived sales boost over 360 for its launch, WOW....things have definitely changed, although 360 may not ever have the dominance the ps2 once enjoyed its definitely become a well respected brand and has made it nearly impossible for sony to ever hold the dominance they once did. Sony stumbled badly this gen and when your opponent happens to be a beast like micro the invitation will be exploited imo this happened for 2 significant reasons, #1 they intentionaly made ps3 architechture difficult for devs= a higher learning curve is NOT needed just because you implement higher specs, #2 their focus on jumpstarting bluray= lack of focus on games early on, delays etc and when you hype blurays storage space and ps3 superiority yet you launch with subpar games thats exactly how you LOSE mindshare, obviously micro had and has its faults too, overall they have done a better job, most everyone I know who owned a ps2/xbox has a 360 NOW, a few own ps3's also, but ironicly there are quite a few of them who aren't really interested/impressed with the ps3, not because they don't like it, the general feeling is the 360 offers everything they want from a gaming console.


starchild3467d ago

I agree. The 360 is the shhIT console.

The Killer3467d ago

and the most talked about, but guess what people say about it??


2: life threatening

3: disk damaging

4: E74

5: more expensive in the long run

while when ever ps3 is mentioned u will hear

1: how many great exclusives it has

2: amazing games it have that no console can handle

3: how much reliable it is

4: how much happy they r with ps3

blackbeld3467d ago

PS3 still dominates in Europe, Japan, Australia, South America, Afrika and very soon.... USA!!!! So keep up with biased articles cause soon they will have to eat they're own stupid articles...

Everybody with common sense will know that PS3 will be soon #1 this generation!! Like it did with PS1 and PS2...

JasonPC360PS3Wii3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

The PS3 is that strange troll faced child that lives in the attic and everyone says "shhhhhh" when they walk by the house.

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OmarJA3468d ago


Stryfeno23468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

-Sometimes people laugh to keep from crying because of disbelief.

This theory explains why laughter can be as a coping mechanism for when one is upset, angry or sad.

AngryTypingGuy3468d ago

OmarJA...Does the JA stand for jackass? The 360 is absolutely the IT console, especially with Natal, ODST and Halo: Reach on the way.

Gue13468d ago

Hey @Patchstation 3 I have seen you do that on a couple of PS3 articles... The rules apply to that too or just for the current spinning eh?

JeffGUNZ3468d ago

Omarja, you know what is ironic? The fact that you laugh at it being the IT console, yet YOU, a PS3 fanboy, can't help yourself posting comments after comments in the 360 section. So yeah, it is definitely the IT system, whether you like it or not, it is and fanboys like you prove it by talking in the 360 section.

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Stryfeno23468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

The Xbox brand has come a long way and until this day the 360 is still the underdog in this race. If I did not have a 360 this gen, I would probably be bitter and bored.

Congrats to MS and good luck on their road to victory.

Model3468d ago

how does bill gates' ass look like ?

Stryfeno23468d ago

I have to say its better looking than your mama.

tehReaper3468d ago

Delumine, why would you even want to know? Got a thing for rich guys, eh?