Silent Hill: Origins 9 minute preview

This is a new video release today by, huge thanks to them for providing this. They have been given, by Climax, the first 9 minutes of the game. For any fan that is truly excited about the game, this is a godsend. If you don't want spoilers then KEEP AWAY. This will be packed!

If you are an IGN Insider you can download it there, if not you can download it from, they also have a write-up about it.

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level 3604247d ago

It's good they'ved based some of the connecting storyline on the movie which has been out on the shops. Now I'm just hoping this game also comes out on the other platforms ( XBox & PS2?, or XBox 360 & PS3? ). Seems like they added some new features as well ( corpes' organs - dissection?... ) what else?