Texting, Gaming, Web Surfing on your phone while driving soon to be illegal in NY

The New York senate realizes that their are still stupid people out there and have recently passed a bill stating that it is now illegal to text, play video games or surf the web on a mobile/portable device while driving.

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njr3472d ago

I actually don't mind it. I would rather have the person riding shotgun to do all of that for me.

Blaze9293472d ago

good, New Yorkers drive crazy enough as it is.

KionicWarlord2223472d ago


New Jersey Drivers are crazy drivers.

UltimateIdiot9113472d ago

If New York drivers get any more crazy, we would be Boston drivers.

Rob0g0rilla3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Florida drivers are much worse. This also went illegal in PA last year I think.

Tarmgar3472d ago

I agree with 1.5 ENTIRELY. Florida is needs to absolutley ban texting while driving. I already have to drive on one of the worst fatality highways in the US(Hwy 98) to work everyday, texting just makes it terribly worse. But I get mad at the texters that do it at a light, and go many seconds after it turns green. That video is perfect proof why it needs to be banned nation wide while driving. Talking though, is a better solution to this problem.

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4pocalyps33473d ago

ahh whilst driving...i thought no matter what, which would have been REALLY stupid.

Uncle Rico3472d ago

sorry mate, that's what no sleep does to me...fixed the title now.

Nitrowolf23472d ago

well i think thats good, saving lives is important, and i don't want to be driving my family somewhere and some dumbass hit me with there car all because they needed to text someone "lol"

truehunter3472d ago

About dam time. U know how many close call i get into accident to dumb people on the phone /texting while driving...

I think they need to be put in jail for 3 years for this. Not some bs 100k fine an 1-2 weeks in jail.

viking805fan3472d ago

well its already like that in California.

himdeel3472d ago

... and I wish it was like this everywhere. Cars are meant to be driven...and have half naked women pose on top of them, not for texting, gaming, etc...

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