Need For Speed: SHIFT – BMW 135i Coupe Profile

EA has released a vehicle profile of the BMW 135i Coupe being featured in Need For Speed: SHIFT along with some screens.

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kaveti66163467d ago

Good looking. Jaggies around the window edges. The tires are slightly blocky too. You have to look at the image in full size to see this. I can't believe people said this looks better than Forza 3.

GIJeff3467d ago

as far as graphics go, forza<Shift<GT5.

Gameplay forza3<GT5 shift i dont know. i can only assume forza 3 is going to control a lot like forza 2 because its from the same company in the same generation using the same hardware and a lot of the same code. forza ONLY beats GT5 when it comes to "pimping" your ride and putting pictures on it. But i'm more about realistic car physics and characteristics then i am bright green paint and giant 5 foot tall spoilers. to each their own.

kaveti66163467d ago

Oh, come on. I agree that GT5 has better visuals than Forza 3 but NFS Shift doesn't look as good as Forza 3. Forza 3's problem is that the cars look too shiny. NFS Shift is even worse because the cars look like their glowing a little. Anyway, I have more confidence that Forza 3 will score better than Shift. I already assume GT5 is going to be much better than both Forza and NFS. As for Forza 3 being in the same generation as Forza 2, that doesn't really matter at all. Forza 2 was built on a weak engine. Forza 3 is built on a new engine using more of the 360s hardware.

Uncharted 2 looks a lot better than UC1. They're both on the PS3.

Cmen3467d ago

Forza 3 put my name all over GT5