Are Special Editions Getting Plain Stupid? "Robert Bowling, Director of Communications at Infinity Ward or better known as FourZeroTwo on Tuesday via his Twitter account revealed the new (Call of Duty) Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition of the game. This edition will come with (as you can see below) a steelbook case with the game inside, artwork book, a discount code for the original Call of Duty via either Xbox Live or PSN depending on what version you buy, a sculpted head of "Soap" MacTavish and finally the major item in this edition a pair of Night Vision Goggles. But the question is, are these really necessary?"

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4pocalyps33472d ago

yup, i only bought the special edition of infamous mainly because of the gigawatt blades....and even then i thought they were alright at first but kind of a waste of money. never again >.>

Cwalat3471d ago

Yeah, some Limited Editions are just for quick bucks.

But i hate how the title of this article generalizes this as if every special edition is useless. For example... Throwing in toy goggles (the real ones go for minimum $1000) is a bit overdoing a collector's edition and it's clearly for making some quick bucks.

The Assassin's Creed 2 Black edition is the first collector's edition i will have bought since DMC4 Collector's Edition, and i really think my money will have been well spent... Since i'm an art geek. Black edition Assassins Creed 2 goes for 79 € and it includes the following: 3-ingame extra bonus quests, 64-Page (YEAH 64 PAAGE!!) LEATHER style artbook and research history about the story, game soundtrack, a figurine (couldn't care less about it but hey, my younger brother might like it).

4pocalyps33471d ago

hmm..u have me intrigued my friend. i might consider getting black edition for assassins creed. mainly because im fascinated about the story of the game and the history of it and all yh might pickup that

Cwalat3471d ago


Yeah, why not?
It's only 20$ more expensive than the usual version...
If you really enjoy the Assassins Creed story and game, i think you should invest 20 more bucks for an even deeper experience.

dorron3471d ago

Collector's editions are a waste of money in my opinion. When I buy a game, I only need the game. What do I want a batarang or night vision goggles for? They would end up catching dust in some corner...

Still, Collector's Editions make sense as long as there are gamers who buy them. In the other hand the question would be if the price for those editions make sense and what kind of madman would pay 150€ (half the price of a PS3) for a game.

Mr Tretton3471d ago

SEs are geek magnets, and geeks will spend plenty on useless geek trophy items.

I'm not saying they all suck, but most SEs do.

Automat3471d ago

complain about the PS3 being too expensive, but they have no problem affording some plastic goggles that cost half a ps3..? i give up-.

BadKarmaSutra963470d ago

That's because Plastic Goggles > PS3 J/K! *DUCKS*

MARNEY3471d ago

but man, i really want these goggles! lol. the last SE game that made sense was GTA IV, imao. i still use the bag & the safety deposit box daily. just hope the goggles aren't ultra cheep...

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