Kiwibox: Top Five MMOGs

Have you ever wondered which Massively Multiplayer Online Game beats all others? Kiwibox will be going over the best aspects of fives games. Let's see which game can out train, out woodcut, and out chat all others!

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PotNoodle3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

Ahh Runescape.. heh. I remember playing Runescape classic a few weeks before Runescape 2 came out. Which was early 2004.

Then i went back to it when Runescape 2 came out and i really liked it, great community that came from runescape classic (was generally older people) graphics and sound had a certain charm about them and everything was for some reason, really nice.

However, the thousands of 8 year old kids then rolled in, along with the gold farmers, which meant jagex had to go and ruin the game with all these updates and everytime you went anywhere you were annoyed by all the kids. It was ruined by the end of 2006.

So now, runescape is something no one wants to admit liking at one point, its a shame - i logged on a few months back and played for a day and wow, the game is terrible now. It is nothing like it was, is now something that people are ashamed of saying they once played it.

RockmanII73467d ago

isn't guild wars free? It was the only MMO I ever considered buying