Disappointing Graphics in New SWTOR HD Gameplay Video & Screenshots

The graphics quality for the SWTOR MMORPG gameplay video was really disappointing. And how could it not be after they released the Best Jedi Lightsaber Battle Since Darth Maul CGI video at E3.

In the below high definition video we see some interviews as well as a lot of great gameplay video from the Star Wars The Old Republic massively multiplayer online role playing video. It is about 5 minutes of video.

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kalebgray924086d ago

if you expected the cg quality your a fool.... its like wow but bigger and the starwars universe

lols actually expected crazy graphics from an mmo lols indeed

Briyen4086d ago

the cgi trailer hyped people up too much the wrong way

i already wanted this game from the start

i don't need a teaser to tell me what i want.

TheAntiFanboy4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

Yeah, really. It's am MMO, a HUGE one in scale. If you want good graphics, go play a more compact and intimate MMO, like Aion.

Panthers4085d ago

This is my most anticipated game right now. I cant freaking wait. The graphics cant be high because that would destroy its potential with the public.

Sanzee4085d ago

I can't believe people don't realize this situation. The game isn't even finished yet, not to mention it's an MMORPG, and the focus is on story and voice acting. Website's like this have no insight into gaming journalism. Very poor news article (the source I mean). Good job to the submitter though.

El Botto4085d ago

The best graphics on MMO, is from SE called FF11.

FF14 will probably have pretty good graphics aswell.

lilgringo4085d ago

FF11? An eight year old game? I think not!
Age of Conan has the best graphics for a MMORPG in my opinion

Montrealien4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

as long as the art is good, it should be fine. I like the look actually. Then again, I think the World of warcraft looks great also. And the first WoW CG trailers where just as bad a$$ as the KotOR CG trailer.

With that said, games like EQ2 and AoC bit the dust because they where to demanding. Bioware are clearly taking a page out the the Blizzard book here by making the game playable on as many PCs as possible

JsonHenry4085d ago

Who in the world expected top notch graphics in an MMO?!

Raf1k14085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

You're right, it's an MMORPG afterall.

People seem to be forgetting that it's the gameplay that counts and IMO the graphics may not be what people were expecting but you certainly couldn't call them bad.

Also, full voice over? That's a "WOW" right there :O
For an MMO of this size, that's a really big thing.

Edit: I was going to just wait for the reviews and player's views on the game before picking it up but this video has got me really interested in the game. I might just pick it up day one.

Christopher4085d ago

One of the top reasons current MMO players haven't tried AoC or other games with updated graphics? Their computer doesn't run it smoothly and if it does it looks really crappy because they have to use the lowest quality textures and the world looks lifeless.

What BioWare needs to do is provide a game that is highly scalable with computers 4-5 years old and current gaming computers. A multi-tiered texture and dynamic graphic system as it is.

The problem? It costs a ton of money to make multiple layers of textures based on the quality you have set in your options panel. Especially when you consider the need to make textures for everything you wear and see.

dragunrising4085d ago

The game looks better than Knights of the Old Republic on Xbox so I'm a happy camper. The game looks great in some areas and others it needs work...did I mention its not out yet?

yippie1234y4085d ago

the main character sounds like duke nukem

pixelsword4085d ago

If people lambast games like HAZE or Halo 3 for not delivering on their promises graphically, then how much more for a PC's trailer, which is being produced on he most powerful gaming product?

Tito Jackson4085d ago

Its not that bad. Lighten up peeps.

morganfell4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

I do not agree with the "It's a MMO so just deal with the eye burning graphical representations."

Utterly ridiculous and quite outdated. You can add it to the trashpile of outdated game engine comments. There is a spot right next to "graphics do not matter"

With next generation hardware there isn't a valid excuse. Even the Unreal III engine now has a remarkable streaming ability. We were in a private meeting at E3 with Mike Hines and Wyeth Johnson regarding their streaming engine. It is ready to use right now. I am not a Unreal engine fan but when Epic can pull this off with the Unreal III engine - a piece of programming that isn't exactly the latest thing - there isn't a valid excuse for Bioware.

It is Star Wars. It has the backing of Lucas Arts and EA. With those available resources it is unforgivable for this game to be a step back in the realm of MMOs. Age of Conan actually knows what a texture is compared to what I have seen in this title. In comparison AoC is light years ahead and the last time I checked it is a MMO as well.

GameGambits4085d ago

I don't expect this game to reinvent the wheel for what we know about MMORPGs right now, but I do think it will be a great success---especially for the legions of Star Wars nerds.

It's weird though that the MMORPG compared to the single player experiences are completely different art styles. I may be alone on this and get bombarded with disagrees, but I would have preferred the same graphical art style from the other KOTOR games, but of course being amped up to be much improved graphics.

I expect FF14 will be the mmorpg though that will get other developers talking about pushing the envelope to make MMOs do crazy things graphically. In the FF14 trailer they show you in game footage at the part where they fight on the pirate ship...I mean IMAGINE if KOTOR MMO had those kinds of graphics and polish. WOW!

Again there is nothing wrong with this art style and choice, but for me I would have preferred the original KOTORs looks but improved. :)

RememberThe3574085d ago

But the game looks epic. They're voicing the entire thing! I don't even play MMORPGs but I would seriously consider giving this a try.

ThanatosDMC4085d ago

HAHAHAH! I knew it. If anyone remembers me bashing the CGI movie and disagreeing with me, well there you go.

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onlinemmo4086d ago

don't be a simpleton. Everyone knows that CGI quality and gameplay are two completely different things. The difference is clearly spelled out in the titles and content.


I guess you would say that the closed beta test of AION Online doesn't look any better? Oh I guess we can't compare those because they would make your statement look silly....

Chris3994086d ago

And no streaming/ frame-rate stutter either.

This game looks like it needs work. I'm concerned that it's the engine though. Anyone know what framework they're using? (KOTOR)

kaveti66164085d ago

They're not disappointing for me. For an MMO it looks very well done. And to be honest, I'd rather have performance than graphics when it comes to an MMO. I don't want slowdowns and crap like that. And Bioware's games are NOT about graphics. They're about a truly immersive experience, and whoever made this article or whatever it's called is just downplaying greatness. Let's see what reviews this game gets instead of talking about graphics.

TheAntiFanboy4085d ago

Aion is built on a much more compact scale. That's why they can afford to have gorgeous graphics, because they're not attempting to render kilometers of land at once. Look at the zone size differences between it and World of Warcraft, for instance. WoW has huge zones. Aion's is more compact, more intimate.

INehalemEXI4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

Aion character models alot of em look ghey in there animations and the gfx of the levels look like WoW style its not even that impressive graphically the art style is pretty good though with the abyss and all.

Its a step up graphically from WoW but not a major one, VGSoH or EQ2 might be just as impressive graphically but It's been awhile since I played either of those cause neither felt as great as EQ. Hopefully Blade & Soul gets done ASAP.

Redempteur4085d ago

i don't get it ..
WHat so disapointing ?

5 planets to explore ?
the first fully voiced mmo ?
A mmo of starwars that doesn't suck ?

BUT i guess yet again all that matters for a game are the graphics ...

dragunrising4085d ago

@ 2.5

Exactly. With that said, I've never played an MMO before and SWTOR may be the first. It looks just as good as the Xbox originals. Lets not be too critical about graphics k?

Cacolaco4085d ago

They're using the HeroEngine, by Simultronics. It's the same one that's being used on Hero's Journey. It supposedly allows devs to make changes to the game world in real time, as people are playing.

So versatility, and the capability to alter the game world as required trumps visuals here. Imagine devs being able to alter the game world in real time, based on what the players are doing...

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JonnyBigBoss4085d ago

I'd much rather gameplay than graphics, but I don't disagree that the game looked pretty last-gen. Really though, a good balance will mean a great game.

Panthers4085d ago

Its an ENORMOUS MMO game. The graphics are going to take a hit. Not to mention they want this game to be able to work on all kinds of computers, even ones made from toasters. So yea, the graphics are a little bad. But the game will be AMAZING.

Chimerhazzard4085d ago

I agree...

When I saw this interview, yesterday before reading this article, the graphics quality issue didn't even cross my mind. I think the game looks fine the way it is! It's an MMO, neither it needs really stunning graphics, nor it should have them. A balance between solid presentation and not too demanding graphics is the way to go, since it will appeal to a broader audience : people with mid-to-low hardware and high-end hardware alike.

I am happy with the way the game looks. I am not disappointed at all with the graphics. I am more concerned with the gameplay elements and the subscription, I hope it is not too much expensive.

ChickeyCantor4085d ago

O NOEEES now this gemm iz goinna sacks guyyyys.

Still looks cool =D

Xi4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

... Is that they seem to be quite a large step away from what was in the original kotor.

I would've been so enthusiastic if they just kept the same look as the last kotor games, but up some poly counts, better textures, threw in some new effects and gave it the next-gen shine.

But this new version isn't as bad as people make it seem. It looks like the CG episodes on tv, but toned down the point they could run it on every console.

Dragonopolis4085d ago

World of Warcraft was originally released in 2004. Graphically computers have come along way. There should be a lot of improvement graphically to any MMO but not necessarily CGI quality. If the graphics are not that much improved than a game like WOW that will be 5 years old when it comes out then somewhere else in the game needs to Innovate to justify the cost of a new modern game. From what I see, the focus of the innovation is not necessarily the graphics but in the Voice Over and interaction with Sound and voice to give a MMO a more Movie like experience SOUND WISE!

The whole video is about the voice over technology and how they are using it to improve on the experience to make it more story driven and perhaps movie like than other MMOs

So sound is the INNOVATION here NOT the Graphics. Since there has never been this level of Voice-over interaction in any MMO then the price of a New "Modern" Game can be justified. The visuals are still better than WOW but don't quite match up to what is possible on current generation of Computers.

Again Sound is the Innovation here with special attention to voice-over technology - especially the Level of A.I. involved in knowing what level a player will be an adjusting the conversation to match that level of player - Truly astonishing - in a MMO.

Graphics can be forgiven at the expense of other innovations in the game but of course it never hurts to provide the best experience possible - again no release date so who knows maybe more graphical polish is possible with all this Sound A.I. going on. It will be interesting to see how smart the Non Player Characters (NPC)can be with all the A.I going on for Sound/Voice Over experience.

Give it a chance