Gamepyre: Enermax Aurora Premium Silver Keyboard Review

Gamepyre writes: "Enermax has been known for their power supplies and in their earlier years they sported a wide assortment of cases as well. Nowadays they still make a few cases, but their power supply line is what they mainstream in today's PC market. One arena that they excel in, but do not get enough recognition for is their peripheral line of products, especially their keyboard line. Being a writer and avid gamer I spend a lot of my time behind a keyboard using it in one way or another, as it's an important aspect of my daily life being that my hands interface with one for hours on end. The Enermax Aurora Silver is a sleek looking and elegant piece of aluminum that has a lot of nice features and is geared toward the gaming crowd. I used this keyboard for a solid week and this is what I experienced during that time frame."

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