Gamepyre: XFX GeForce GTS250 Video Card Review

Gamepyre writes: "Video cards have come a long way in a short time, and when looking back I must laugh at the sad attempt of S3 when they first released the so called 3D Video card, not only was it not 3D, it was not even a very good 2D card either. The S3 Verge was really the first card to have 3D capabilities, but it was still a sad excuse of a card. 3DFX really put the 3D into action and the Glide driver was the first true 3D gaming driver that made your games take on a whole new reality of visualization. To me that was the heyday of the industry, and when I really enjoyed gaming the most as the titles just seemed to have better game play and the whole 3D and FPS thing was still fresh. I will always remember the waterfall in Unreal on my 3DFX card that is a remarkable day in gaming history that many gamers still remember to this day."

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