Sony's Playstation 3 sees VOD surge

Sony's PlayStation 3 hasn't moved as many Blu-rays as Hollywood had hoped it would, but the videogame console has clearly established itself as a lucrative platform studios can use to distribute their films and TV shows.

A year after launching its PlayStation Network, Sony has digitally delivered more than 500 million pieces of content to owners of its PS3 console and PSP handheld device.

That includes sales and rentals of movies, TV shows and original video programming.

Altogether, the video delivery service, available through the PlayStation Store, has registered more than 25 million users since launching on July 15, 2008. It saw a surge of subscribers around E3 in June.

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MysticStrummer3468d ago

No site hit for you. BluRay is way ahead of DVD compared to how many DVDs sold in the same time frame. Thanks for playing the Fake News Game, originated by Fox and perfected by N4G.

stonecold33468d ago

already surpassed dvd in its first few years on the market and blu ray isnt going anywhere anytime soon i support sony for what they give us gamers unlike m$ ripping there consumers of with faulty hardware and rrod problems people buy xbox its like having 15 games if machine get rrod and out of warranty they will replace it with another one or buy another one thats why xbox fans use it as there advantage and no game for 2009